Office Plants – Use vertical wall garden for Partitions

Office plants are revolutionising the way people plan office spaces these days. Gone are the days when employees used to feel trapped in white cubicles with white ceilings and grey carpets. One can use a green wall instead to create privacy partitions. The phenomenal benefits associated with office plants is driving organisational change.

The dull partition walls can be replaced with lush green walls of beautiful and beneficial plants. One would need to seek professional help while choosing the best office plants for the vertical garden which can grow with minimal care and maintenance.

By increasing the number of plants one can achieve a dense privacy screen along with a fresh feeling. Vines are great office plants which can adapt easily to indoor office environments. The malleable nature of vines allow them to be placed in any space. They can grow great length hence one doesn’t need to invest in a large number of pots.

North Sydney plant hire – Beautiful Stone Planters

There are myriad benefits associated with North Sydney plant hire. The importance of planters cannot be exaggerated because they not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also help the growth of plants. Beautiful stone planters are available in various shape, sizes and colours which also offers bespoke designs that can fit well into any decor.

Mostly corporate offices prefer steel planters whereas beautiful bespoke wooden planters are considered best for the communal areas. North Sydney plant hire over the years use to have ceramic pots for all plants, however the stone planters are soon becoming extremely popular because they are completely handmade and eco-friendly.

The exotic and antique look offered by beautiful stone planters provides a beautiful aged finish for North Sydney plant hire. It also helps the plants to show their style and exuberance in the best way possible. Beautiful stone planters are also available in colours like wine red and midnight blue.

North Ryde indoor plant hire – Cleaning the leaves

An easy and important tip to always keep your plants healthy is by keeping their leaves nice and clean. It doesn’t take long for dust to accumulate on the leaves of plants hired as part of North Ryde indoor plant hire. A layer of dust can be fatal for the plant because it blocks sunlight and reduces the plant’s ability to photosynthesize.

A stressed plant is extremely vulnerable and prone to pest infestations and diseases. North Ryde indoor plant hire recommends periodic cleaning of leaves to keep your plants healthy and your house beautiful. The easiest way to clean the houseplants is to hose them off in the kitchen sink. The water must be lukewarm so that it doesn’t damage the plant’s leaves.

One can also wipe the leaves off with a damp cloth or, use a soft brush to gently coax the dust off the leaves. North Ryde indoor plant hire also recommends to keep the container clean.

Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Rescuing a plant with brown leaves

The sight of your favourite houseplant’s leaves turning brown or even falling off can be very disturbing, however there are ways to rescue the plants even then. When you plan for Macquarie park indoor plant hire, it is important to understand the care and maintenance plan for the plants because a lot depends on the type and species of plant.

Even with the best care, it is possible that houseplants start having brown leaves. In tropical plants, the lower leaves first turn pale yellow, then brown before dropping off which is quite normal. Few common reasons why Macquarie park indoor plant hire may experience brown leaves includes too much heat, not enough light, too little water, too little humidity etc.

In case one can address the above four concerns, they can easily revive a plant with brown leaves. One just needs to ensure that Macquarie park indoor plant hire receives proper light, enough water, optimal humidity and proper air flow to cool the plant off.


Hire plants Sydney – Keeping indoor plants healthy

Hire plants Sydney can be an easy and rewarding task however one must also keep their plants healthy so that they can ensure longevity. Plants add beauty and warmth to any room because they can easily create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with their presence.

In order to keep hire plants Sydney at their best, it does require some effort. The basic needs of any plant includes the right quantity of water, sunlight and fertilizer. Some of the other challenges include pests and fungi which can cause damage to your plant. For severe infestation, one may need to use insecticide spray, however for most of these pests, there are non chemical ways to get rid of them.

Regular inspection and cleaning hire plants Sydney is the best way to ensure that a pest infestation doesn’t occur. Use of feather duster must be avoided as it can transmit the pests from one plant to another. Rather use of fresh clean water is recommended to keep the plants clean.

Express plant hire – Use of Feng Shui plants

Express plant hire can make use of Feng shui plants to activate positive energy in home and office while they also purify the air. Many still feel that Lucky Bamboo is the only feng shui indoor houseplant, however the truth is that there are many choices available which can fit your decor.

In case the lighting is limited to grow healthy plants one can use silk plants as an acceptable Feng Shui alternative to living plants. There are four different ways to use plants in Feng Shui as part of express plant hire. These include counteracting negative energy, Balancing the water element, connecting with the outside world and raising a low ceiling.

Other friendly Feng Shui plants which can be used as part of Express plant hire includes Philodendron, Peace Lily, Ficus, Rubber plant, English Ivy, Spider plant, Boston Fern, and African violet.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Increase humidity to help your plants

It’s a fact that most plants we love to grow are poorly acclimated to growing indoors. They generally flourish in humid conditions of large forests which includes aroids and orchids. For Chatswood indoor plant hire it can be very challenging because most homes are generally dry, especially during the winter when the heat pumps are extensively used.

However, one can increase the humidity levels to help the growth of indoor plants using the following ideas. If you group the houseplants together, the moisture released by the houseplants creates a humid environment which benefits Chatswood indoor plant hire. The houseplants can be placed in trays with pebbles which is a popular way to raise humidity.

Use of humidifier is quite common because it’s an excellent way to increase humidity in a growing environment. Chatswood indoor plant hire also recommends misting the houseplants to increase humidity. However there are certain houseplants which must never be misted like African violets.


Why Choose Indoor Plant Hire Services Over Buying?

Do you want to transform your dull looking office? If yes, one of the effective solutions that will help you achieve this target is by adding indoor plants. Indoor plants will not only brighten your office environment but could bring health benefits to your employees as well as visitors. In the event, you are still brainstorming on this issue whether to contact the nearest indoor plant hire services in your area or grow your very own office plants by buying, perhaps time to give this topic a good read. Why? It will unravel the many reasons why many offices and business establishment owners favour outsourcing their indoor plants rather than resort to buying them.

Hiring Express Plant Hire Service versus Buying

  • Stress free

Yes, definitely one of the reasons why owners of commercial offices and other business establishments prefer the services of an indoor and outdoor plant hire specialist to take care of their indoor plants need to avoid being stressed on who will take charge of the care and maintenance. Imagine, if the employees assigned to do the watering got sick or was on holiday break, these plants you bought could easily wither and die. But, if you have an indoor plant specialist, regular monitoring and maintenance of your rented indoor plants are guaranteed.

  • Organised replacement

One of the privileges of availing short-term plant hire is you don’t have to worry if the indoor plants became unattractive. Most indoor plants beautiful appearance will only last on average 6 to 12 months. So, if you contracted the Sydney indoor plant hire services the timely replacement of your indoor plants is put under the care of their team of plant technicians.

  • Flexible arrangements

This is among the valid reasons why it’s a wise decision to hire indoor plants for your office instead of buying them because of the flexible arrangements that a plant hire provider could offer, regardless you are dealing with Chatswood indoor plant hire or North Ryde indoor plant hire services, they give you flexibility as to the number of indoor plants you will need. For example, if your initial agreement is only a few potted plants, but, over time you needed more, they can easily accommodate your bulk needs even on short notice.

  • Wide range of indoor plants

An express plant hire provider has the capacity to provide a wide range of indoor plants because of their affiliated suppliers all across the globe. So, if you want a variety of Asian ornamental plants to match your newly bought office furniture pieces, rest assured they will deliver straight to your office.

  • Cost-effective

Imagine if you will buy your own plants for your office or business establishment, the expenses could add-up as you will have to consider other essentials like pots, fertilizers and watering tools. But, if you resort to hire plants from a reputable plant hire provider like the Macquarie park indoor plant hire company, you might get freebies on your chosen package like no extra cost on leak proof planters, free installation for bulk orders or free replacement of plants at least once a year.

  • Professional advice

Nothing beats the offer of a top performing plant hire company if you need to hire plants in Sydney because professional advice is given to all their clients to prolong the life expectancy of your plants like mentioning the ideal spot to position them.

Are you finally convinced that is better to hire plants instead of buying them? If you are still having apprehensions, feel free to book a private meeting with Lease-A-Leaf indoor plant hire services and request free quotations.

Short term plant hire – Use of Biophilic design

Coined in the 60s to explain the importance of the natural world, short term plant hire can consider a biophilic design which features fresh air, greenery and natural light. More and more buildings are being constructed nowadays which in some way encompass and appreciate the love of nature.

Use of natural materials like wood and bamboo in its structure to design an office interior along with the use of short term plant hire allows the biophilic design to blend well into its surroundings. The whole idea of short term plant hire is to use nature to accentuate the interior design.

With toxic office environments, it is very important to invest in short term plant hire so that one can enjoy reduced stress levels, improved productivity, clean and fresh air along with a beautiful green interior. The biophilic design can have a dramatic effect on our working life because of the health benefits associated with short term plant hire.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Green and Healthy Living

Taking care and maintenance of plants at home or office can be extremely challenging, however the good news is that there are several companies which provide high quality outdoor plant hire services. Depending on your personal choice and budget, you can choose from the exhaustive list of options.

For office with low light conditions, outdoor plant hire companies generally recommend plants which can survive with minimal light. For business conferences and seminars, outdoor plant hire can provide beautiful floral displays, outdoor plants and beautiful pots to add a theme and character to the occasion.

Outdoor plant hire offers a wide array of choices which include ferns, grass bowls, ficus, canes and many more. The design, shape and colour of the container easily complements the décor and venue. Depending on the décor, outdoor plant hire companies recommend the best plants which suits your budget, requirements and décor.