Indoor plant hire – Plants bringing life to office desks

It can be very difficult to stay within the boundaries of cubicles throughout the day and finding the right balance between a productive and professional environment while staying healthy and stress free. There could be various things like posters, calendars, photographs, coffee mugs, but nothing can beat the importance of desk plants for North Ryde indoor plant hire.

Similarly, Macquarie park indoor plant hire recommends the use of low maintenance desk plants to relieve stress and boost productivity. Certain plants which act as beautiful desktop plants include the Jade plant, Snake plant, Cactus, Spider Plant, Golden Pothos, Lemon Balm, Bonsai and Tillandsia.

The Tillandsia or, air plants as they are fondly known as require no soil or, water and can literally grow anywhere. Macquarie park indoor plant hire recommends use of jars, trinkets, fishbowls or boxes etc. for the air plants because they can grow anywhere.

Indoor plant hire – Houseplants to Feng Shui your home

Sydney indoor plant hire during the spring brings in a lot of fun and excitement because according to Feng shui philosophy, it symbolizes new beginnings, growth and success. Chatswood indoor plant hire recommends the use of plants with the colour green and blue along with columnar and expansive shapes which symbolizes positive energy.

The Lucky bamboo is extremely popular for Sydney indoor plant hire because it grows quickly and represents honest and upright growth along with necessary flexibility and adaptability. It can thrive well in a variety of lighting conditions, easy to find which makes it a great option for offices.

Chatswood indoor plant hire also recommends potted orchids which can bloom throughout the year and used mainly for relationship adjustments according to Feng shui. Golden Pothos are extremely forgiving and survive well under literally any condition. Golden pothos can always stay green irrespective of the care and quality of conditions provided making them a good source of positive energy.

Hire plants Sydney – Easy and hassle free plant hire services

Keeping the office interior bright and lively is extremely important if you want to enjoy the benefits associated with indoor plant hire. However, you also need to focus on your primary business objectives and leave the care and maintenance of office plants to experts who provide plant hire services.

Hire plants Sydney becomes an easy task when you outsource plant care services to an expert. Plants add a dash of beauty with their presence, however hire plants Sydney also demand a lot of care so that they can grow well.

Hire plants Sydney also ensure that you have the right plants depending on the light, water and care which is possible in your office environment. Hire plants Sydney offer access to the latest and most stylish planters which can add style and panache to the office environment. They also ensure that old or, dying plants are easily replaced with fresh and beautiful plants.

Express Plant Hire – Low Maintenance plants

Express plant hire is generally recommended when you are planning to organize any seminar, business conference or, product launches. The whole idea of express plant hire is to enjoy the benefits and beauty of plants without worrying much about their care and maintenance. It can be an extremely daunting task to take care of indoor plants.

The low maintenance plants can enliven the space, provide clean air and tide you over until your next outdoor. Certain varieties of low maintenance plants offered as part of express plant hire can actually purify the air by removing harmful volatile organic compounds or, VOCs which can be found in any average office.

Different classic indoor plants which are recommended as part of express plant hire includes Spider plant, Snake Plant, Pothos, Peace Lily, etc. Air plants like Tillandsia offer excellent easy care options because they don’t even need soil. One of the trendiest indoor plant, they can be either grown in jars or, rock.

Sydney Indoor Plant Hire: Liven Up Your Next Event!

Whether you’re looking for Chatswood indoor plant hire or North Ryde indoor plant hire, express plant hire services can instantly elevate your event to a whole new level. Regardless of how you want to utilize these plants, they are guaranteed to add a welcoming ambience and unmatched warmth to your event.

Get in touch with a trusted company like Lease-A-Leaf to hire plants in Sydney for any occasion. Short term plant hire services make much more sense than spending hours looking for the right plants to buy and then getting them delivered to your event.

We are one of the most trustworthy specialists for plant hire services in Sydney. We can assure you that all your needs would be taken care of right from the beginning of your event to the end. So, whether you need Macquarie park indoor plant hireor north Sydney plant hire, let our experienced professionals at Lease-A-Leaf help you get the highest quality plants for your office, event or any other purpose for that matter. Get in touch today!

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Plant Hire Services

Office plants do much more than merely serving as some decoration pieces in a workplace. If you have ever invested in quality office plants, you might be already aware of their amazing benefits. If you haven’t had the advantage of plant hire services yet, you should contact a reputable company like Lease-A-Leaf right away. Indoor and outdoor plant hire services offered by reliable specialists in Sydney can transform your office or any event into a more energizing and stimulating place.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should hire plants in Sydney for your office.

1.Infuse New Life Into Your Workplace: These visually appealing office plants can make any boring and bland office a healthier and happier place for all the employees. This will certainly help you attract more customers and retain your existing customers and employees.

2.Eliminate Stress At Work: Most workplaces these days are full of overly stressed employees. This can adversely affect their productivity and the bottom-line of your company. A number of recent studied have confirmed that employees working in offices with green plants have more productivity and less stress than their counterparts.

3.Office Plants Will Keep Your Office Cool and Comfortable: Office plants can help you maximise energy efficiency of your office by keeping the air cool and fresh. Plants do this with transpiration and by absorbing carbon dioxide. So, when you choose Sydney indoor plant hire services, you’ll not only save some significant money, you’ll also contribute towards the environment.

4.Reduce Excessive Noise: Office plants can singlehandedly bring down the noise levels in your workplace. They are great noise absorbers and can make a difference of as much as 5 dB without having to make any extra investment.

5.Boost Your Profits: Office plants can positively impact your profits by reducing staff sick leave. Plants are well known for purifying air by eliminating harmful airborne bacteria and moulds. They can also absorb the harmful chemicals from the air. They take in these toxins through their leaves and transmit them to their roots.

Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Choosing ornamental plants

There are lot of beautiful ornamental plants grown outdoors which can be considered as indoor plants as well. As long as one can ensure plenty of sunlight they can very well be grown indoors. Macquarie park indoor plant hire helps you in identifying the right ornamental plant which can thrive at room temperature and can manage with the available lighting condition.

Few of the popular ornamental plants available with Macquarie park indoor plant hire includes Geranium, Asparagus fern, Ivy, Caladium, Begonias etc. The Asparagus fern grows very quickly and offers a deep green foliage dotted with red berries and delicate flowers. The Geraniums can bloom during the winter but they must be placed in a bright window.

Ivy thrives well in shade and creates a nice cascading effect. The Caladium grows well indoors and remains colourful with indirect sunlight. Begonias can be chosen as part of Macquarie park indoor plant hire but they need more care.

Sydney indoor plant hire – How succulents manage with minimal watering?

Every plant share a common need which is water, however there are certain types of houseplants which can manage well with minimal watering and they are known as succulents. For places where water is extremely scarce, succulents are the obvious favourites.

When one thinks about succulents, the first succulent that comes to mind is the cactus which is extremely popular for Sydney indoor plant hire. Succulents are best in water collection and conservation which is why they can thrive well with minimal watering. It also makes them the favourites as office plants. Many succulents have fabulous root systems which are specialised to store water for future use.

They also reduce the surface area to minimise water loss thereby ensuring the best way to conserve water. The shape of such plants varies based on their water content. Sydney indoor plant hire offers different types and varieties of cactus for residential and office decor.

Short term Plant Hire – Beautiful Wedding flowers

For special events like weddings, short term plant hire can offer sensational wedding flowers, beautiful planters and exotic plants to help inspire your choices. The choices can be a little overwhelming, however professionals who offer short term plant hire can help you make the best choice based on the wedding decor, budget and your preference.

When we say rose, it is generally considered as a romantic event staple, and certainly an extremely popular wedding flower. Available in a wide range of colours, the gorgeous plant can create luscious wedding centrepieces. Because it is somewhat sturdy, it does well in sculptured arrangements, corsages and boutonnieres.

Hydrangea is another popular wedding flower used for short term plant hire. It can easily make tall and expensive centrepieces look magical. Orchid is an obvious choice for short term plant hire because it symbolizes charm and beauty. Peony, Carnation, Daisy, Ranunculus etc. are other popular wedding flowers which are offered with short term plant hire.

Plant hire services – Creative ideas using planters

Plant hire services can offer beautiful floral displays for special events like weddings and corporate events. Potted plants are eco-friendly and a great way to reduce the carbon footprint in your wedding celebrations. There are innumerable ways to incorporate planters from centrepieces on raised pillars to hanging displays.

Suspended plants above the escort card table looks quite elegant and classic. One can also use small pots with beautiful house plants and escort cards. Plant hire services may use large pots and beautiful plants as centrepieces which add style and panache to the event.

Plant hire services also need to make use of innovative and creative ideas so that the entire event stands out and impresses everyone. Hence, planters are lined along the dance floor which not only adds aesthetic value but also helps in hiding the extension cords which otherwise spoil the decor. Beautiful and stylish planters can be used for showing the table numbers.