Sydney indoor plant hire – How succulents manage with minimal watering?

Every plant share a common need which is water, however there are certain types of houseplants which can manage well with minimal watering and they are known as succulents. For places where water is extremely scarce, succulents are the obvious favourites.

When one thinks about succulents, the first succulent that comes to mind is the cactus which is extremely popular for Sydney indoor plant hire. Succulents are best in water collection and conservation which is why they can thrive well with minimal watering. It also makes them the favourites as office plants. Many succulents have fabulous root systems which are specialised to store water for future use.

They also reduce the surface area to minimise water loss thereby ensuring the best way to conserve water. The shape of such plants varies based on their water content. Sydney indoor plant hire offers different types and varieties of cactus for residential and office decor.

Short term Plant Hire – Beautiful Wedding flowers

For special events like weddings, short term plant hire can offer sensational wedding flowers, beautiful planters and exotic plants to help inspire your choices. The choices can be a little overwhelming, however professionals who offer short term plant hire can help you make the best choice based on the wedding decor, budget and your preference.

When we say rose, it is generally considered as a romantic event staple, and certainly an extremely popular wedding flower. Available in a wide range of colours, the gorgeous plant can create luscious wedding centrepieces. Because it is somewhat sturdy, it does well in sculptured arrangements, corsages and boutonnieres.

Hydrangea is another popular wedding flower used for short term plant hire. It can easily make tall and expensive centrepieces look magical. Orchid is an obvious choice for short term plant hire because it symbolizes charm and beauty. Peony, Carnation, Daisy, Ranunculus etc. are other popular wedding flowers which are offered with short term plant hire.

Plant hire services – Creative ideas using planters

Plant hire services can offer beautiful floral displays for special events like weddings and corporate events. Potted plants are eco-friendly and a great way to reduce the carbon footprint in your wedding celebrations. There are innumerable ways to incorporate planters from centrepieces on raised pillars to hanging displays.

Suspended plants above the escort card table looks quite elegant and classic. One can also use small pots with beautiful house plants and escort cards. Plant hire services may use large pots and beautiful plants as centrepieces which add style and panache to the event.

Plant hire services also need to make use of innovative and creative ideas so that the entire event stands out and impresses everyone. Hence, planters are lined along the dance floor which not only adds aesthetic value but also helps in hiding the extension cords which otherwise spoil the decor. Beautiful and stylish planters can be used for showing the table numbers.

Outdoor Plant hire – Moving household and houseplants

Houseplants can make any house warm, welcoming and alive like never before. So, when you move your house, it’s important that the houseplants move with you. However moving houseplants need special attention which is why it is recommended to seek professional help. With outdoor plant hire services, you can be assured that your plants are safe.

Plants are too fragile and hence with outdoor plant hire extra attention is given to the houseplants when they are moved. Also, outdoor plant hire services offer care and maintenance for the houseplants. It is important that your plants can adjust well to the new home.

Different conditions may also mean a different choice of houseplants which is where outdoor plant hire services come handy because they can recommend the best houseplants based on the available conditions. Difference in soil, climate and air quality will have an effect on the growth of your plant so it is important to ensure proper care and maintenance during the first few weeks in the new home.

Office Plants – Low maintenance indoor plants

It can be very difficult to work in a depressing cubicle while summer is in full swing outside your office. However, there are several low maintenance office plants which can thrive well under difficult office conditions, enliven the space and also purify the air.

In addition to the exotic colours, office plants also provide important health benefits. There are certain varieties of indoor office plants which purify the air by removing volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Office plants which can thrive in low light, dusty conditions with minimal need to water are the most desirable low maintenance indoor plants for any office.

Spider plant sports vibrant green and white stripes and looks great in a hanging pot. Snake plant is another tough indoor office plant which can survive in almost any environment even if one forgets to water it for few days. Pothos are easy to maintain and can survive easily in low light conditions.

North Sydney plant hire – Beautiful flowers for the Summer

With the hot summer months setting in, it’s the best time to start thinking about plants for North Sydney plant hire. Beautiful flowers for summer will brighten your day and bloom with vibrant colours. The type of plants which don’t require much care, require minimal watering and can thrive well with different type of soil are the best choices for North Sydney plant hire.

Gloriosa Daisy has a bright yellow to orange petals with a black centre which can grow up to 3.5 ft tall. Dahlias are extremely popular for North Sydney plant hire during summer because they make beautiful symmetrical ball of brightly coloured petals and can be grown to different heights and sizes.

Marigolds are also favoured for North Sydney plant hire during Summer because they are easy to plant and maintain. They can be enjoyed all season long and available in different colours.

North Ryde Indoor Plant Hire – Caring for Desk plants

A desk plant may look small and insignificant, however the benefits associated with its presence are immense. Office plants are known to boost creativity, offer health benefits and improve productivity. North Ryde indoor plant hire highlights the importance of caring for desk plants.

Different desk plants have different needs so one just needs to pay attention to the lighting, watering and other requirements like type of soil, fertilizer etc. Improper watering is one of the common reasons for office plant care going awry. Allow the desk plant to drain excess water thoroughly and one should never allow the pot to stand in water.

There are certain plants like cast iron plant which can thrive well under low light conditions however others like the cactus need bright light. Depending on the plants chosen with North Ryde indoor plant hire, one needs to adjust the lighting arrangements.

Hire plants Sydney – PR and other corporate events

Hire plants Sydney offers an easy and affordable solution for events, parties, product launches for corporate houses and individuals. Indoor plants can add style and elegance to any occasion. It mayn’t be pragmatic to buy plants when you just need it for a day which is why hire plants Sydney is recommended.

Hire plants Sydney also offers you a wide range of options from small and beautiful houseplants to tall and elegant palm trees. Depending on the event, its objectives, and budget one can make an informed choice regarding the type of plant. For renovated houses or apartments, hire plants Sydney can give an instant boost to front gardens, balconies and back gardens.

Hire plants Sydney are also very popular for product launches because they can offer the best backdrop for any photo shoot. Whether its plants, containers or the floral design, hire plants Sydney definitely offers complete value for money.

Express plant hire – Exquisite corporate flowers and houseplants

For corporate events and business conferences, express plant hire can provide beautiful, high quality corporate floral arrangements which can enhance your brand message and last a working week. Irrespective of whether you are planning to project a chic, contemporary, timeless and luxurious brand message, express plant hire can work with you to design exquisite corporate floral displays.

Because the corporate events happen across different venues, it is generally recommended to seek professional assistance and use express plant hire so that you don’t need to worry about the plant type, its care and maintenance and planters. The prices would vary depending on the size, shape and style.

Express plant hire companies do provide free site consultation and quotation so that the best ideas are shared on the table and then you may choose the one that best suits your choice, budget and decor. Office plants are a great way to transform your office space regardless of the size of business.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Plants that reduce humidity

Excess humidity can cause a lot of other problems like winter mold, damp and mustiness which is definitely not desirable. One can use dehumidifiers however, Chatswood indoor plant hire offers the most beautiful solution with its range of houseplants that reduce humidity.

Most plants would harvest moisture through their leaves and hence reduce humidity. Plant’s ability to absorb dew, fog and other forms of vapour through the stoma in their leaves makes them a great choice for places which experience high humidity levels. The peace lily is a favourite for Chatswood indoor plant hire because of its attractive foliage and also it absorbs moisture quite effectively.

The English Ivy, Boston fern and Parlor palm are other houseplants offered with Chatswood indoor plant hire which are great for absorbing excess humidity thereby saving your wallpaper and musty back room. Chatswood indoor plant hire can help you in choosing the right houseplant that can reduce excess moisture and thereby prevent mold and mildew issues.