Hedge Plants – Different Types of Hedges

Hedge plants offer a lot of variety in terms of shape and size.  In fact, they can be worked to fit into any garden situation. They not only add to the aesthetic value of your garden but also provide various other benefits. Commonly referred to as living walls, hedges are shrubs or low trees that grow in lines to form boundaries or fences.

Let us discuss about the different types of hedges that you can choose from to beautify your garden. Read on to know about the various types of Hedge Plants:

Boxwood Hedges – These are evergreen upright shrubs which grow in shady conditions and provide green foliage throughout the year. Boxwood hedges can live long i.e. around 300 years or more.

Evergreen Hedges – The Evergreen hedges are easier to grow and require less trimming and pruning. Some common variants of evergreen hedges include wintergreen boxwood and mountain laurel.

Dwarf Hedges - A perfect addition for a small garden or landscape, dwarf hedges can grow in places that are otherwise too small for hedges to thrive. Examples: Ninebark dwarf, Hancock coralberry, and blue leaf Arctic willow.

Flowering Hedges – This type of Hedges provide beautiful and colourful blooms to the garden in spring or summertime. Bonica rose is one of the most beautiful flowering hedges.

Fast Growing Hedges – Available in various sizes and styles, fast growing hedges provide both beauty and protection to any garden. Examples: silly dogwood, Cheyenne privet, and purple-leaf sand-cherry.

Tall Hedges – This type of Hedges are found in a variety of shapes and sizes. They act as the best private screens due to their impressive tall height.

Garden Hedges – They are popular as the most versatile hedge plants because they can grow in any landscape and climate across the globe. Beautiful, intricate, and striking; garden hedges make beautiful dividers of property lines or sidewalks.

To conclude, we can say that there are different types of Hedge plants and they are all getting popular throughout the world.  Lease-a-leaf offers professional guidance to make your job easy while choosing the perfect hedge for your garden.

Indoor Plant Hire – Hiring versus Buying

Haven’t you wondered how good the feeling is when you are surrounded by trees and plants? Indoor plants create a healthy, contemporary workplace, inspiring your employees. The indoor plant hire provides aesthetic benefits along with improved air quality, office morale and productivity. There are many who believe that buying their own plants and maintaining them can help them save money. Actually, it is always advisable to outsource the supply and maintenance of your Indoor plants.

Why hiring plants is always better than buying?

1) Ease and Comfort: You don’t need to earmark a person for maintaining the plants. Indoor plant hire companies have trained technicians who take care of the plants. Moreover, replacement of the plants and their daily maintenance is taken care of by the Plant Hire Company.

2) Ease to customize and high flexibility: The plant hire company can accommodate requests to customize the plant hire depending on the interior, location or occasion. If you have bought the planters, you would then have to throw them out and buy new planters with any change in decor.

3) High Quality assured: The plant hire company is always committed to provide fresh and healthy plants from an extensive plant range and an equally wide variety of the latest and most stylish pots and containers.

4) Economical: Indoor plant hire is always an economical solution when compared with buying plants.

5) Advisory service: Unless you are an indoor plant expert, it is always risky to buy plants and one might end up buying the wrong plants. Plants which require a lot of light might end up in a dark corner and vice versa. It is always advisable to leave it for the experts.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Lease-A-Leaf has always been committed to provide premium quality products and services along with highly competitive prices.