Plant Hire Services – Indoor Plant Care

Research and studies have proved that Office plants filter pollutants and chemicals out of stale office air and release oxygen to refresh the air. Considering the importance of Indoor plants in office, extra care should be provided to the Office plants. Lease-A-Leaf advise you on the most cost-effective Plant Hire services which can create a stunning and healthy “green” office. Having extensive knowledge and experience, Lease-A-Leaf recommends the best office plants for your specific situation. The good thing is that these plants can thrive even in a stuffy office with no open windows. Continue reading

Office Plants – Cubicle Friendly Plants

Long term plant rental is for plant hire terms of six months or longer. Lease-A-Leaf provides indoor and outdoor plants, trees, grasses, ferns and shrubs for long term hire. Office Plants are both attractive and beneficial. That’s the same reason as to why placing office plants in cubicles, a smart move. All plants need some form of light, but the bright fluorescent lights in many office buildings will supplement the indoor office plant’s need for light most adequately. There are numerous Office plants which are cubicle friendly and which can survive under challenging conditions. Continue reading