Hire plants Sydney – What makes Hiring better than Buying?

Keeping your office interior bright and lively is very important. But, you need to concentrate on what you do best rather than spending your valuable time on deciding which plants suit your office and which pots are the best. Why not leave these things to the specialists who will not only suggest the best options but also guarantee the most cost-effective solution for your workplace. Hire Plants Sydney becomes an easy task when compared to buying because with plant hire you can effortlessly enliven the office environment, improve employee’s morale and health, staff productivity and makes visitors  comfortable. Continue reading

Hire Plants to add a dash of magic to your Office

Add a dash of magic to your office interior with indoor plants which not only adds a touch of green but also boosts employee morale and improves productivity. Hire plants to enhance the mood within your office by adding more greenery to the interiors. The modern workplace is getting isolated from the external environment and largely depends on indoor plants to get rid of VOCs and other harmful gases. Continue reading

Hire Plants – How to choose the best Pots for your Plants?

There are many different varieties of pots to choose from, for your indoor plants. Whenever one decides to hire plants, an additional responsibility is to choose the most appropriate pot or container which can not only guarantee better life for the plant but also enhance the aesthetics of your decor. Round pot, square pot, ceramic pot or plastic pot–there are many types of pots an indoor gardener can use to house their plants. On the outset, it might look that the plant container doesn’t play any role, but on the contrary, it is important to choose a pot or container that is conducive to your plant’s needs.

  • There are several important criterion which decides the best pot suitable for the growth of your plant. Let’s discuss some of the factors which you should keep in mind when you hire plants. The Pot size: Pots that work best for indoor plants are large enough to handle the plant’s root system. Depending on the growth of the plant, you should take a call on the pot size. The thumb rule is to purchase a pot that is twice the size of the root ball of the plant.
  • Pot Material: Pots and plant containers come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Plastic pots are inexpensive and easy to obtain in a variety of sizes and colours. Whereas, the Clay or terra cotta pots are porous and will absorb water and allow oxygen to pass through, letting your plant’s roots breathe. Glazed ceramic or metal containers work well as indoor pots for plants.
  • Structure of the Pot: The structure of the pot you choose should depend on the plant type.
  • Drainage facilities: Plants need water, but too much water can cause additional problems. Investing in a pot with a proper drainage system will allow your plant to absorb the right amount of water without being soaked.

Lease-A-Leaf is committed to provide immaculate plants for hire along with exquisite pots. We specialize in plants for green buildings and plants that clean the air.


Outdoor Plant Hire – The Complete Range for Plant Rental

Outdoor Plant Hire lend credibility to the quality of a business environment. Healthy, lush, properly cared for outdoor plant hire increase productivity, decrease stress, and provides fresh air all contributing to a healthier work environment. Lease-A-Leaf provides guaranteed maintenance of quality plant products. We are committed to provide exquisite outdoor plant hire along with immaculate customer service. The complete range of Indoor and Outdoor Plant Hire is discussed below:

  • Office Desktop Plants: The office desktop plants are in huge demand among employees because these plants are suited for reception and cubicles. These plants provide both your employees and visitors with an inviting workspace and an improved sense of wellbeing. Other shapes, colours and containers are available to create different styles of desktop plants.
  • Topiary Trees: The architectural nature of topiary trees adds a touch of style and elegance to outdoor environments, particularly entrance ways. These type of Outdoor Plant Hire creates an environment which promises a little luxury and indulgence. This type of outdoor plant hire provides an elegant look. Topiaries can also be decorated with fairy lights to add some sparkle to your wedding or special function.
  •  Planter Boxes: Planter Boxes are great for defining areas indoors and out. These planter boxes are ideal plants for creating an attractive barrier and providing privacy. Planter Boxes filled with hedged types of plants such as Buxus, Murraya and Ficus are popularly used to design friendly alfresco dining areas for restaurants, clubs and hotels. These type of outdoor plant hire can mingle easily with any milieu.
  •  Free standing Plants: Freestanding indoor plants can create a warm & inviting setting and great for partitioning areas. They can also be effectively used to provide privacy, reduce noise and guide traffic flow.

Lease-A-Leaf can fill empty corners, create dimension and transform blank walls and unused areas into attractive features with plants. We will design your indoor landscape to work both functionally and aesthetically. And best of all, we provide care and maintenance to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.