Plant Hire – Refurbish and Redesign your Interiors

Interior redesign with plant hire creates a positive and vibrant atmosphere which makes the house look beautiful and makes it look warm, inviting and cosy. Warm interior decorating colours, simple and quick interior redesign and home staging techniques help refresh rooms and save money. Yes, we can also redesign the interiors by changing the decor and furniture, but isn’t that an expensive alternative ? Rather, plant hire will not only guarantee a natural look and feel, but also provide added advantages like better health, elegance and air purifying characteristics. Continue reading

Hedge plants – Important Gardening Tips for Best Results

Hedge plants are extremely important because they provide privacy, create view barriers, soften walls, conceal fences and define spaces. Hedges will take some time to grow but it’s worth the wait because they form thick, impermeable barriers all the way to the ground. Preparation of soil is important before you plant your hedge for efficient drainage. Prune the sides of your hedge at a slight angle, so that the base is little thicker than the top. This will guarantee a thick and bushy hedge.

Lease-A-Leaf offers hedge plants in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the requirements, we can provide customized solutions for your garden. Taking care of hedge plants is quite simple and with the below mentioned tips, you can have the best hedge plants for your garden. Let’s discuss some of the important gardening tips which guarantees best results.

  • First and foremost, you should know what size of hedge plants suit your garden needs.
  • Second, you should be quite clear with the growing conditions, so that the hedge plants that you select can grow with the available soil, climate and weather conditions.
  • Hedge plants grow at different rates hence hedge plants that grow faster require more pruning as compared to hedge plants that are slow to grow.
  •  Growth of hedge plants largely depends on the availability of light.
  •  Also you need to take all required precautions and care to avoid pest problems.
  •  Prune your hedge plants regularly to keep them healthy and maintain a consistent look.

Hedge plants can be grown naturally or trimmed to formal shapes. The plant species selected as hedge plants should be able to withstand regular pruning and remain dense and evenly leaved. Traditionally viburnum, juniper, Buxus , Acmena smithii etc. form good hedge plants.


Office plants – Effectively used for Reducing Noise

Workplace can get noisy through phone chatter, unwanted conversations in adjacent cubicles, printers, copiers, HVAC systems etc. This noise can be distractive and interruptive which means less productivity, reduced privacy and an unimpressive image before clients. The best way to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment is to have office plants which can effectively reduce the decibel levels. Office Plants can reflect and absorb annoying office noises. The ability to absorb sound largely depends on the number of office plants, surface area of the plant and the size of the plant. Plant parts such as leaves, wood, branches and stems are effective in absorbing sound, thereby giving a noise free workplace.

Research reports have shown that the common house and office plants can effectively reduce acoustic levels by as much as 5 dB, a measure of sound intensity. Lease-A-Leaf provides professional plant hire services for rental, installation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor plants for residential and commercial purposes. We create greener, healthier, more attractive and noise free workplaces with our vast range of office plants. By placing lush office plants around an office, especially between cubicles, reception area and cafeteria can effectively reduce noise levels.
Lease-A-Leaf recommends the following simple tips for effective use of office plants for noise reduction.

  •  Large plant containers can have huge impact on the room acoustics because of    their greater surface area.
  •  In case of office plants, an arrangement of several plants is preferred over one big one because in this manner you can reach out to every nook and corner of the office, thereby guaranteeing a calm and relaxed workplace.
  • Plant screens can be used as partitions between cubicles. This will not only colour your office green naturally but also provided added benefits.
  •  Place the office plants near the edges and corners so that the sound can be reflected from the walls straight into the foliage.

Plant rental – Easy and Hassle free plant hire services

Choosing plants for home decor, office and events can get extremely tricky and this is where Plant rental proves its importance. With plant rental services, you don’t need to bother about the type of plants, their installation, care and maintenance. Also, you can get customized services tailored to suit your requirements. One of the chief reasons behind the success of plant rental business lies in its simplicity. Also, for events or occasions, plant rental proves to be the most economical, viable and convenient solution for a temporary look that suits the party. Continue reading