Express Plant Rental – Planning for a short term event hire

With express plant rental services, you can add a special touch to your events. Indoor plants can create a natural, relaxed and soothing environment and also enhance the beauty of your venue. Lease-A-Leaf provides an extensive range of plants for short term hire. We are committed to provide fresh and healthy plants for express plant rental. Indoor plants for short term hire adds a new dimension to every event or occasion by adding an enchanting visual appeal. Lease-A-Leaf are the experts for express plant rental for short term events and we definitely guarantee the best job with plants.

For express plant rental, you can custom select plants which best suits your theme or occasion. Lease-A-Leaf have experts who can work with you to design to your specific requirements for the event or also suggest fresh ideas which can add beauty and pizzazz to the occasion. We can supply plants at short notice and install them without any delay. Regardless of the size of order, we ensure express plant rental services without compromising on quality of plants. Events or occasions which use our express plant rental services include: Promotional events, House sales, Weddings, Themed parties, Birthday parties, Corporate events and many more.

With express plant rental services, beautifying reception venues and enhancing outdoor settings have become easy and hassle free. Indoor plants create a beautiful ambience for your event which definitely makes your guests comfortable. For promotional events, you can get your product or brand noticed by using the express plant rental props and indoor plants. For themed parties, you can now create virtual background and innovative settings. Add style and elegance to any event with express plant rental services from Lease-A-Leaf. For more details kindly contact us and we will definitely help in creating the required setting for your event.

Plant Rental Services – Opt for Customized design

With Plant Rental services, you can now enjoy the benefits of a green interior in your home and office. Installation of indoor plants at home or office definitely has health benefits along with enhanced aesthetics. However purchase of indoor plants for an entire office setting can be quite expensive and maintaining them is definitely a daunting task. Plant Rental services for offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, residences etc. makes the place look beautiful and elegant without any hassles. Plant rental also allows you to opt for customized design of indoor plant hire and its containers as per the theme or requirement of the setting.

Plant rental of indoor plants offers myriad benefits which includes reduced stress levels, cleaner air, absorption of noise, reduces any distraction and definitely a beautiful green surrounding. The health and physiological benefits are aimed to ensure employee well being, improved productivity and employee retention. Plant Rental services creates a positive environment for everyone which includes employees, clients and visitors. This can definitely add to better business and improved client feedback. Lease-A-Leaf can help you in making any building look better by selecting the right combination of indoor plants and planters for your home, office or any business establishment.
You can actually transform the look of any interior, be it home or office with the help of plant rental services. Designer pots and beautiful indoor plants can definitely make your cubicles look fresh, healthy and elegant. Not all places are well designed which is why professional assistance is recommended. At Lease-A-Leaf, we are committed to provide high quality plant design, installation and maintenance services from our experienced staff. Whatever you need to make your office look professional, modern and elegant, we can provide you. Now choosing customized design for your office or home interior has become all the more easy with Lease-A-Leaf. Contact us today to know more about our various plant rental services.

Sydney Indoor Plants – How to Grow Indoor Palm Houseplants?

Sydney Indoor plants can spruce up homes and offices effortlessly. Among the myriad choices available for indoor plant hire, the palm tree houseplants definitely adds a special touch to any interior and enhances the beauty of any setting. You don’t need to live in a warm tropical climate to enjoy the benefits associated with Indoor Palm houseplants. Definitely every Sydney Indoor plants require different levels of care and maintenance. Most of the popular types of indoor palms grow upright due to limited space. The leaves of the indoor palm houseplants are better known as fronds which are shaped as fans, triangles or feathers.

Sydney Indoor plants like Palm offers amazing beauty with its textured foliage. Along with the aesthetic enhancement, the indoor palm houseplant also offers several health benefits. Known to purify air by adding moisture to the air, Sydney Indoor plants are always a great addition to any office or commercial setting. The best variants of Indoor palms include Kentia Palms, Lady Palms and Bamboo palms. The lady palms have fan shaped fronds with large shiny leaves and blunt tips. The bamboo palm is characterized with its long arching leaves. The narrow rate of growth of the bamboo palm makes it one of the best Sydney Indoor plants to grow indoors. The amazing tolerance and adaptability of the Kentia Palms makes it an excellent indoor palm.
Indoor palm plants needs to have the salt rinsed from their soil. Moreover they should be watered only once the soil is completely dried up. Sydney Indoor plants like house palm prefer bright light but they should be exposed to direct sunlight. Watering is one of the most important aspect as part of the maintenance plan for indoor palm. The soil needs to be just moist i.e. neither overly watered not under watered. With proper care and maintenance you can easily enhance the aesthetics of your home or office with Sydney Indoor plants.

Importance of Plant Rental Services for Office Building

Getting plant hire services in Sydney is clearly a great way to decorate your office, and to make it a healthy working space for your employees. These gorgeous plants can take the style of your workplace to a whole new level by adding a touch of natural charm, which in turn will make you feel that you are working amidst serene and magnificent natural surroundings. Apart from the aesthetic purpose, one of the most important benefits of indoor plant hire services is that they help in the purification of air we breathe in our home or office.

Therefore, Sydney indoor plants do not just decorate your home, but they can also help you to get rid of some of the most common health ailments of present times. Plants do this by eradicating excess amount of carbon dioxide and hazardous chemicals from the atmosphere. Studies have shown that excess carbon dioxide in the indoor air adversely affect our performance. Having said that, in order to understand the exact role of office plants in purifying indoor air, you need to be somewhat aware of the quality of air present inside most of the office buildings in Sydney. With this in mind, let’s try to dig a bit deeper.

Quality of air inside commercial buildings

It’s a well known fact that most of the builders these days make use of a variety of synthetic building materials in constructions. Add to this the increased use the computers, printers, personal care products, and cleaners in most of the buildings in Sydney. What makes things even worse is the fact that most buildings nowadays are air-conditioned. These conditions in combination with many more can result in the build-up of harmful organic compounds within the atmosphere inside these buildings.

Now when you and your employees inhale this chemical-laden air continuously for hours and hours on every working day of your life, it can play havoc with your as well their health, unless you choose to hire plants services from reliable plant rental companies in Sydney. Some of the hazardous chemicals you can commonly find in the indoor air of most of the offices are Benzene, Ethyl Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene, among others. Continuous exposure to these chemicals can lead to a number of acute as well as chronic health conditions including Eye irritation, throat irritation, nausea /vomiting, asthma, dizziness and even liver problems and damage to Central Nervous System damage in extreme cases.

As surprising as it may sound, these chemicals are exuded by some of the most useful and crucial components in our offices, such as printers, Photocopiers, Adhesives, and particle boards, among others. If you come to think of it, these are the components without which offices cannot function anymore. So, what’s your viable option here? Research has shown that getting Sydney indoor plants hiring services is one of the most effective options to drastically reduce or completely eliminate harmful chemicals from the indoor air.

Benefits of hiring indoor plants in Sydney
Apart from maintaining the optimal percentage of oxygen in the indoor air, Sydney indoor plants are also very effective in removing dangerous organic compounds from the air. Now you can achieve the same results by introducing indoor plants in your office. While you can take adequate care of indoor plants in your home, it needs the expertise of a professional plant hire company to get desirable results in commercial buildings. What’s more, with reputable plant rental services in Sydney, such as Lease-A-Leaf, you can also choose temporary plant hire services for exhibitions or special events. No matter what your requirements are, we at Lease-A-Leaf can offer you widest range of superior indoor and outdoor plants in Sydney at highly competitive prices. Contact us today with your requirements.

Plant Hire Sydney – Importance of the Plant Size

Plant Hire Sydney is never easy and one of the most confusing part is to know what size plant to buy. Before hiring plants, you should assess several things which includes soil texture, plant growth, location, weather conditions, physical limitations etc. Plant Hire Sydney for small plants is guided by three factors i.e. time, cost and work. For a small sized plant, you don’t need to spend much time digging a hole. Also it requires less maintenance and costs less. The soil texture is one of the most important factors to be considered for Plant Hire Sydney.
One of the most important reasons to settle for small sized houseplants is that the plant seems to develop better and have deeper roots with the branches growing dense. Also, young plants have the ability to grow quickly and acclimate better. Older plants on the other hand are not too comfortable with the process of transplanting.
There are times when one prefers older and bigger house plants as part of Plant Hire Sydney. For outdoor plants, where you are looking for a shade in the garden, you definitely require large plants. Older and bigger plants are expensive, however many nurseries offer Plant Hire Sydney services at a discounted rate. Older plants adds to the aesthetics of your garden instantly and dresses up your landscaping. Time and labour required for the transplanting of older plants will be definitely on the higher side.
Moreover with the bigger plants, you have to go through the no growth period in the initial years, before it starts to grow. While you plan for Plant Hire Sydney, you should be extremely clear with your requirements which includes the place where the plant will be kept, the light availability, maintenance required and many more. Definitely go for plants that suit your requirements and also stays healthy for many years. Make an informed decision based on your requirement and landscape.