Outdoor Plant Hire – Convenient solution for a Green Living

Growing and taking care of plants for your home or office can be a daunting task, which is why there are so many companies which provide Outdoor plant hire services for residential and commercial settings. You definitely have lot of options to choose from depending on your personal preferences and requirements. For offices with low light conditions, you would prefer plants which can grow well in minimal light. With outdoor plant hire, you have flexible choices for casual or formal arrangements depending on your taste.

Outdoor plant hire offers a wide array of choice in terms of ferns, ficus, canes, grass bowls and many more. Also, the design and colour of the containers and the plants can easily complement your decor and venue. Most of the companies provide consulting, installation and maintenance services as part of Outdoor plant hire.

Depending on the decor and requirements, the consulting team will suggest the best outdoor plants that suits your budget, decor and environment. When you are looking for Outdoor plant hire, it is best to choose companies which can provide you a wide variety of options in terms of the plants and containers. The consulting capabilities and a capable staff is extremely important for an easy and hassle free solution for green living.

Hedge Plants – Top Five Shade Loving Hedges

Hedge plants provide an affordable and eco-friendly solution to create privacy without compromising the aesthetics of your yard. Finding hedge plants which love shady locations can be tough because all hedges require at least some hours of sunlight. Definitely, there aren’t many hedge plants which likes to grow in dark shade, however there are few species which can grow with minimal light. Let’s know more about the top five shade loving hedge plants.

  •  Boxwood: Extremely flexible, this type of hedge plants can grow equally well in areas enjoying full sun to total shade. Boxwood is an evergreen hedge, dense and grows well in all kinds of soil conditions.
  •  Rhododendrons: This type of deciduous hedge plants grows well under shade. With a colourful bloom, they add style and colour to your yard.
  •  Red Twigged Dogwood: They require plenty of water but minimal sunlight and can create a lovely hedge.
  •  Yew: One of the most popular hedge plants that grow well in the shade, the Yew can reach heights of about 6″ feet.
  •  Euonymus: With large leaves and white blossoms, this type of hedge plants is best suited to create privacy in dark shady locations. This type of evergreen hedge grows as high as 8″ feet and can be pruned easily into a hedge.

Plant Hire Sydney – Special Instructions for Winter

Plant Hire Sydney prefers summer outdoors because of ideal growing conditions like temperature and lighting. For outdoor plants, the demand for water is more because they are exposed to increased levels of light, heat and wind. When the plants are moved indoors during fall, the light levels see a drop in their intensity when compared with mid-summer intensity. With a drastic fall in the light levels, temperature and wind evaporation, plant hire Sydney definitely reduces its water consumption. Let’s know more about some of the basic tips which will help in providing the best winter care for Plant Hire Sydney.

  •  Reduce frequency of Watering: In order to limit the amount of water provided for plant hire Sydney, it is best to reduce the frequency of watering. Test the soil moisture level prior to watering and make informed decisions based on the findings.
  •  Avoid Overwatering: You need to adjust the watering schedule for Plant hire Sydney, one you have moved the plants inside. Allow the plant to wilt slightly before it is watered.
  •  Humidity levels: Some of the plants require high humidity levels to grow well inside. Indoor humidity levels are usually lower for plant hire Sydney and furnaces make indoor air extremely dry. Plant hire Sydney which requires high humidity levels are best places near bathroom or kitchen.
  •  Thorough Watering of plants: It is always recommended to water plants thoroughly as it provides moisture and leaches away excess fertilizer salts.
  •  Proper Fertilization: During winter, plant hire Sydney is exposed to low-light conditions, which means that the plants require less fertilization for their growth. Salt build-up caused by over fertilization can cause burned leaf margins and wilted indoor plants. Through periodic leaching, you can get rid of salt build-up in the soil.
  •  Care for sturdy plants: Sturdy plant hire Sydney like Cactus thrives well during winter, if kept cool. Although a cactus prefers low temperatures, the demand for light conditions is slightly on the higher side.