Hire Plants – Which are the most Popular Ferns?

Hire plants for any setting, be it your office or home, not only brightens up any space but also provides myriad other benefits. In case you are looking to hire plants which can thrive well with little care, survive low light conditions and enhance the aesthetics of any interior, then the answer is Ferns. They grow extremely well in average room temperature and low light conditions.

Hire plants offer a wide range of colour and texture with versatile varieties of ferns. Some of the most popular ferns include

  • Crocodile Fern: The bright green coloured fronds have an interesting texture and reptilian look.
  • Lemon Butter Fern: The cute green fronds with round edges is easy to grow and offers different decorating styles.
  •  Maidenhair Fern: The light green fronds of this popular fern darkens with age.
  •  Boston Fern: These long lived ferns are popular for hire plants.
  •  Stag horn Fern: This stylish houseplant offers style and colour, making it highly popular for hire plants

Express Plant Rental – Importance of Professional Services

Express Plant rental services are always favoured over buying of plants for various reasons. Firstly, with express plant rental, you have professionals who will guide you with respect to the choice of plants. Moreover one has the liberty to change the plants as and when required to suit themed occasions and events. Secondly, with express plant rental, everything from the planning, installation to the maintenance is taken care of by the rental company.

Professional companies are committed to provide high quality and well maintained plants for express plant rental. Fresh and healthy plants can enhance the aesthetics of any occasion. The landscaping of the indoor plants as part of Express Plant Rental services along with the design and layout is managed by professionals making it extremely effective.Professionals can bring out the best out of Express Plant Rental services thereby guaranteeing the best value for money.

Plant Hire – Enjoy Amazing Office Interiors

Office Interiors should be handled well to ensure a productive environment for your employees and business to succeed along with creating the best impression in front of clients and visitors. With Plant hire services, you can now have the best combination of interior plants that suits the decor, provides fresh air and guarantees a healthy environment.

By adding greenery to the office environment, you can definitely ensure healthy employees, higher productivity, better mood and excellent working conditions.
Plant hire services ensure to install plants in key areas of the office space that sets the mood for an inviting and refreshing office interior. Plant hire service providers offer you a wide selection of interior plants to choose for your office interior. You can also choose from a broad variety of containers that suits the decor.

Office space being always busy needs dedicated team to take care of the interior plants. With plant hire services, regular care and maintenance of the interior plants are also taken care of, thereby ensuring you complete peace of mind. Consultants will help you choose the best containers and indoor plants that suits your office space and create better opportunities for your business to succeed

Sydney Indoor Plants – Important Care and Maintenance Tips

Sydney Indoor Plants are extremely important for a fresh, serene and healthy environment. However, it is equally important to take proper care of your Sydney indoor plants so that they can thrive well and remain healthy. The basic needs for Sydney Indoor plants include nutrient rich soil, draining facilities, sufficient light and water, fertilizer, grooming and adequate humidity. Taking care of indoor plants can be extremely easy if you are aware of the basic requirements of Sydney indoor plants.

  • Proper watering is definitely important for the indoor plants. Overwatering is not an option. The best way to water properly is to check the soil and then water accordingly.
  •  Lighting: Proper lighting is important however, there are different species which grows well under low light conditions as well.
  •  Temperature and Humidity: Average temperature works best for Sydney Indoor plants. Ensure adequate humidity for your indoor plants to thrive.
  •  Soil requirements: A proper sized pot along with the best soil is extremely important for Sydney Indoor plants to thrive well. Some plants also require repotting to attain their best growth.
  •  Fertilizer: Depending on the plant species, there might be different requirements. Use of fertilizer for Sydney Indoor plants is mostly required during their active growth period.

Plant Rental Sydney – Events that Benefit from Short Term Hire

Plant Rental Sydney can make special occasions memorable by enhancing the aesthetics of the venue. You can decorate with plants that suits the decor of your venue. Plant rental Sydney not only allows you to be creative with the design but also makes the location more inviting. Lease-A-Leaf offers carefully chosen blooming plants to complement the theme of any occasion. Mostly used during weddings and conferences, there are several other events which actively use Plant Rental Sydney services.

  • Trade Shows: For trade shows and conventions, it is important to create your own identity which can be easily achieved with colourful plants that creates a professional and polished look for your presentation.
  • Special events in Schools and community centres: Award ceremonies, graduations and concerts often require Plant Rental Sydney to create a wonderful backdrop for the event.
  • Model Homes: Plant Rental Sydney provides short term terms of beautiful plants which makes the property look more appealing and inviting. Use of fresh and healthy plants creates a great impression.
  • Corporate events: For corporate brochures and office pictures, decorating with live plants definitely adds style and panache to the interior space.
  •  Residential parties: Plant Rental Sydney is also used for residential parties to create an inviting and comfortable milieu for the guests