Plant Rental – Exotic Containers for your Plants

Plant Rental services also includes choice of containers for your plants based on your personal preferences and also to some extent with the decor. The metal containers for your plants has rich features around the lip of the container. This type of container is best for permanent or temporary plant hire. The metal containers provided as part of Plant rental are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Tall elegant and cylindrical shaped metal containers are available in three different sizes which also includes tabletop. The spun metal containers have a great surface finish and is available in two exotic colours i.e. silver and gold. The Faux concrete type of containers used as part of Plant Rental services has a paint finish done to resemble concrete. Ideal for a more casual look and used as part of outdoor plant rental services.

The Square Tapered containers are best used as medium weight containers. Usually reserved for permanent hire of plants, they are available in a wide variety of sizes which also includes troughs. The fibreglass containers used as part of Plant rental services are made with solid fibreglass and available in troughs and squares.

Temporary plant hire – Care and Maintenance of Succulents

Succulents are not popular as the common houseplant, however for people who are looking for something different and unique, the succulents fits their requirement. Known for their variety, colour, unique texture and versatility they add colour and style to their surroundings.They can be easily grouped together and placed in a single container as part of Temporary plant hire services.

They require minimal water and direct sunlight to survive. Extremely tough, the succulents can actually brave any environment which makes them a favourite as part of Temporary plant hire. Most common options that we have in succulents include jade, burrows tail, aloe, desert rose and many more.

There are certain important care and maintenance tips required for temporary plant hire.

  • The succulent plants provided as part of Temporary Plant Hire should have an exposure to full sun or bright sun light.  Dry soil is extremely critical for the growth of succulents. The containers should have a potting mixture containing a fast draining mixture for better aeration and drainage.
  • The best temperature for succulents to thrive is 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit.
  •  Watering is very important and hence a dedicated schedule is critical

Plant Hire – Understanding and Mixing Potting Soil

Plant Hire Services take care of choosing the best soil mixture for your plants. The ideal potting soil should allow good drainage, quick root growth, retain moisture and yet strong enough to anchor the roots. Normally, Plant Hire services use a mixture of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite for making potting mixture for houseplants. One can either buy or make their own potting mix. Ensure that the potting soil provide by Plant Hire Services has been sterilized to kill weed seeds and any disease. The pH of soil is not an issue for most indoor plants.

As part of plant hire services, it is quite useful to know the process of mixing potting soil.

  • It is important to sterilize earth, however if other ingredients are missing, you can mix with earth and bake.
  • Once you have all the required ingredients. Next, mix equal parts of garden soil, perlite and peat moss.
  • When moistening the peat moss, use warm water so that the mixture can slowly absorb the moisture.

In order to grow Orchids and bromeliads, people also use shredded bark and charcoal. Similarly for peat moss, many use alternatives such as compost or leaf mold

Sydney Indoor Plants – Durable Plants for Low Light Conditions

Sydney Indoor Plants definitely need extra care during the winter months. However there are durable plants which are best suited for low light conditions. Sydney Indoor Plants which prefer a shade are mostly seen inside offices, cubicles and places which receive low light conditions. Light, Temperature and Humidity are the three critical factors which decides the health of the plant.

It is important to match Sydney Indoor Plants according to the available lighting conditions. Most houseplants can easily thrive in moderate to bright, indirect light. Usually flowering plants and those with coloured leaves need better light conditions than plants with a green foliage. Lets discuss more on the list of Sydney Indoor Plants which can thrive well under low light conditions.

  • Ficus elastica: Basically the rubber trees can take direct sunlight without any problems. Keep the leaves shiny by cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Philodendron: Easy to grow under low light conditions like the interior of a room.
  • Dracaena : Watering is critical and should be only done when the leaves droop.
  • aspidistra elatior : One of the most popular Sydney Indoor Plants for low light conditions is the cast iron plant.
  • Sweet Peace Lily: This flowering plant can boom under low light conditions

Chatswood Plant Hire – Choosing the Best Houseplants

There are myriad reasons behind Chatswood Plant Hire. The houseplants infuse your decor with nature, reduce the amount of stress, guarantee clean and fresh indoor air. To brighten spirits, you can use a wide array of stunning leaf colours and textures. Chatswood Plant Hire also provides you with houseplants that provide fragrance.
There are several houseplants available which provide fragrance from rich and flowery to spicy and warm. Let’s know more about some of the top fragrant houseplants preferred for Chatswood Plant Hire.

Gardenia: Widely popular as one of the most fragrant flowers, Gardenia prefers a humid yet bright environment.

  • Sweet Bay: With its shiny green leaves and a savoury, herbal fragrance this slow-growing attractive shrub prefers high humidity and bright spots to grow.
  •  Eucalyptus: This easy growing tree with its rich foliage and distinct aroma is extremely popular for Chatswood Plant Hire. Basically thrives in bright spots protected from hot and cold drafts. Regular watering throughout the year is a must.
  •  Citrus: The sweet aroma of lemon, orange, grapefruit or any other citrus blossom is simply amazing. Extremely easy to grow with adequate lighting, Citrus plants are definitely favoured for Chatswood Plant Hire.
  • Arabian Jasmine: The pure white flowers produce a soft fragrance and also used to make jasmine tea.

Plant Hire – Size of the Plant plays an Important Role

Plant Hire can be extremely interesting and at the same time a daunting task to choose the perfect blend of indoor plants. Size of the plant plays a crucial role and usually measured against three parameters i.e. time, cost and work. A small sized plant as part of plant hire requires less effort for installation and maintenance.

Small sized plant hire has better opportunities to grow and develop better with deep reaching roots. Bigger plants as part of plant hire are expensive when compared with small sized plant hire. However, with bigger plants one has to go through the No growth period before they start growing.

Plant Hire doesn’t depend on any particular criterion, rather there are myriad factors which drives your choice of plants for plant hire. You need to be very clear with the location, light conditions, and preferences during plant hire