Plant hire services – What are the various Services offered?

Plant hire services are extremely important for both residential and commercial buildings. A green interior has myriad benefits associated with it which includes increased productivity, motivated employees, reduced stress levels, and improved air quality. Lease-A-Leaf provides high quality Plant hire services which makes use of high quality materials and modern techniques. Plant hire services can be broadly classified under the following categories:

  •  Design: One can easily opt for custom made planters depending on their personal preferences. For better aesthetics, plant hire services can provide colourful, stylish and durable planters.
  •  Installation: For successful installation of indoor plants, plant hire services take care of the set up and maintenance of indoor plants.
  •  Consulting is also provided by plant hire services which includes everything from concept to installation of indoor plants. Latest trends and available options are shared with the customer which includes indoor plants requiring least maintenance effort.
  •  Service Types: In order to suit every requirement of the customer, customized solutions are provided which are tailored to accommodate every request. Various types of services provided by plant hire services include long term hire, short term hire, express plant rental etc.
  •  Care and Maintenance: Maintenance services are provided which includes change of plants, containers, pruning of leaves etc.

Sydney indoor plants – Factors to Consider

Healthy and well maintained Sydney Indoor plants definitely add a lot of value and style to any decor. With changing times, we tend to spend more time indoors, either at office or home. With this, the need to bring fresh and vibrant greenery becomes all the more important. However, you need a little planning to ensure that your investment ensures complete value for money.So, what are the most important factors to consider while you plan for Sydney Indoor plants?

  • Appearance: Definitely, one of the most important attribute of Sydney indoor plants is their appearance. For a dynamic display, one can choose Sydney indoor plants of varied size, height, foliage and colour. Also, one can alter the decor of any room by using plants of different height, shape and colour.
  • Light and Temperature: The light and temperature requirements of Sydney indoor plants differs from one another. Flowering plants generally require full sunlight, whereas there are some plants which cannot tolerate direct sunlight. In order to ensure high quality care and maintenance, you should choose plants depending on the location where you plan to keep them.
  • Moisture: Similarly, different plants have different moisture need which means that one needs to be mindful while selecting Sydney indoor plants.
  • The size, shape and material of the planters can impact the health of the plant.


Plant Rental – Event Management Made Easy

When you are planning for a big event, plant rental can definitely make your job easy. Selecting the decor is one of the most important part of event management which makes a truly memorable event. Depending on the theme of the event, you can decide upon the selection of plants for plant rental which can enhance the aesthetics of the decor. Plant rental services caters to the demands of various events which includes business conference, family reunion, wedding parties and other important celebrations.
Plant rental services can set the right atmosphere with their exotic fragrance, bright foliage and stylish presence. A corporate setting badly needs greenery to set the best mood for the business meetings and conferences. Plant rental services definitely provides myriad other benefits apart from their beautiful presence.
Plant rental services also allows customization which means that the green decor can be tailored to suit your preferences, taste, theme of the event and budget. The best part about Plant rental services is that once you are clear with the selection of plants, the rest is taken care of by dedicated professionals who are committed to design a memorable event. Your next event can be more effective, beautiful and memorable with proper planning and Plant Rental services.

Indoor plant hire – Different varieties of Indoor Plants

Indoor plant hire is greatly influenced by the amount of light required for the plant’s growth. In other words, plants which can survive and grow in limited light conditions are usually preferred for Indoor plant hire. There are different varieties of Indoor plants which includes flowering plants, foliage plants, climbing plants, Bonsai plants etc. When choosing Indoor plants, one needs to consider the natural light levels which can be made available for the plant’s growth.

There are different varieties of Indoor plants which can enhance the aesthetics and ensure a fresh and healthy environment.

  • Flowering plants: These plants are generally favoured for Indoor plant hire because of their bright flowers and beautiful presence. Examples include African violets, amaryllis, begonias, poinsettias etc.
  • Foliage plants: Indoor plants which prefer low light conditions include the butterfly palm, Boston fern etc.
  • Trailing plants: Plants which prefer low light conditions include the arrowhead vine and the heartleaf philodendron. Indoor plant hire also includes plants which prefer high natural light conditions like the blue passion flower, jasmine, mandevilla etc.
  • Bonsai plants: Tiny trees and shrubs which can be easily grown indoors and add an artistic style to the decor are Bonsai plants.