Indoor Plant Hire – Some of the Super Glamorous Houseplants

Indoor plant hire not only adds greenery to any space but also adds charm and glamour to any decor. Houseplants can add life and personality to any space almost effortlessly. With curvaceous leaves and skin-tight patterns, Vriesia hieroglyphica hybrid looks exotic.

The Black aralia has ruffled and slightly coarse leaves with rich textured look. This tropical shrub grows up to 12 feet and requires moderate to bright lightning. Peace lily which sports lush green leaves and luxuriant white flowers in spring looks extremely stylish and beautiful. The Ficus lyrata has large violin-shaped leaves and can reach heights up to 20 feet.

The Schefflera elegantissima has thin blackish green leaves. In case of Dracaena warneckii, the Variegated leaves forms compact patterns which resembles starbursts. Silvery green leaves of the Sanseveria are twisted, lightly mottled and bit stiff. The big leaves of the Ficus decora looks spectacular and an ideal choice for Indoor plant hire.

Indoor Plant Hire – Improved Productivity and Office Morale

There are different varieties of indoor plants which are chosen for Indoor plant hire. Chatswood Indoor plant hire includes flowering plants, foliage plants, bonsai plants etc. By adding plants to your home or business, you can help clean many harmful toxins found in your indoor environment. Plant rental services are extremely helpful for workplaces and commercial settings. Temporary Plant Hire is necessary to create a theme which can match well with the occasion. Hedge plants provide a curb appeal to the garden. These type of plants also serves as windbreaks.

Hire plants Sydney can add a dash of beauty with their presence in any workplace. Indoor plant hire can effortlessly enliven the office environment, improve employee’s morale and health, staff productivity and makes visitors comfortable.

Plant rental services includes installation of plants along with its care and maintenance. Sydney Indoor plants offers myriad benefits, however they are mainly grown for aesthetic or decorative purposes. Choice of Indoor plant hire depends on the growing conditions like amount of sunlight, moisture etc.

Hire Plants Sydney – Proper planning for planting Hedges

For a long lasting and effective hedge, one needs to have a proper plan in place. Hire plants Sydney for hedges serve a lot of purposes like improving privacy, marking property lines, line walkways and enhanced safety. The selection of hedges is important which should primarily focus on hearty, disease resistant plants that suits your garden conditions.Hire Plants Sydney for effective hedging ensures the best care and maintenance schedule. Let’s know more about the basic steps involved with hire plants Sydney in case of hedge plants.

  • Mark the planting area for the hedge, where one must consider underground utilities while plotting the line for hire plants Sydney.
  • Hire plants Sydney should have proper spacing in between to allow space for their growth.
  • The mature width of the shrub is used as a guideline for the spacing between root balls.
  • The pots are removed once the shrubs are ready to be planted. Water the plants are needed.

Enliven Your Office Space with Indoor Plants for Hire in Sydney

Quite a number of offices these days spare no expense or effort in making their interiors visually appealing and delightful. If you were to visit any of the latest commercial hubs in Sydney, you would find them filled with some of the most exquisite and elegant office décor accessories. Paintings have always been the popular way to make plain walls more attractive. Not only do paintings capture the attention of any visitor to the facility. They also bring a touch of colour to what might otherwise be a drab and plain area. Of late, many business owners have realised the value of bringing nature indoors. Hence, it is not surprising that several offices have an assortment of indoor plants. Business owners have the option to either buy or hire plants from providers of indoor plants.

The Role of Indoor Plants in the Workplace

As a business owner, you have to juggle various activities. From dealing with existing customers to finding new ones and from ordering raw materials to marketing your wares, you handle it all. This is what makes running a business a complex activity. In your opinion, your business could have several invaluable resources. These would typically include your raw materials, your building, your products, your equipment and machines etc.

However, your most valuable resources are your employees. They are the ones who handle the routine work of your business and make it profitable. Therefore, you also need to focus on providing a healthy and pleasant working environment to them. This would not only make them feel happier and contented. It would also go a long way towards boosting their morale and their productivity levels. One easy way to achieve this is to hire plants and keep them indoors.

Over the years, several academic studies have proved that the use of office plants is very beneficial for your business as well as your workforce. To cite an example, consider the study carried out by Drs. Joan Aitken and Rodger Palmer, from the University of Missouri. Their study bore the title of “The Use of Plants to Promote Warmth and Caring in a Business Environment”. During the course of their study, the researchers found that:

  • Most of the workers felt that indoor plants conveyed an impression of warmth in the workplace and,
  • The effective use of indoor plants gave the impression of a well-run organisation

Therefore, you could infer that indoor plants do not only make your workplace more aesthetically appealing. They also improve air quality, thereby reducing stress levels and enhancing the levels of staff productivity.

The Benefits of Having Plants Inside Your Office

When you hire plants for your office interiors, you also get an additional benefit. These office plants have the ability to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air. The biological interactions between the roots of the plant and the potting mix results in the consumption of VOCs present by microorganisms. Studies conducted at NASA during the 80s and the 90s have confirmed this too.

Other benefits of hiring plants for your office interiors include:

  • Enhancing the interiors by bringing a natural touch to complement other décor accessories
  • Reducing air pollution by ridding the air of substances like toluene, xylene and benzene
  • Cleansing the air of excess carbon dioxide
  • Reducing stress levels and,
  • Boosting immunity levels and the quality of sleep
  • Bringing about an aura of peace and tranquillity, thereby raising efficiency levels

Why You Must Hire Plants for the Workplace as Opposed to Purchasing The Having plants indoors is beneficial. This is regardless of whether you hire plants or buy them. You could purchase them. In this scenario, you would need to ensure that your staff look after these plants and maintain them properly. However, you could hire these plants too. This could give you ample value for your money.

Firstly, you would get expert advice on the kinds of plants that would suit your facility best. Not many business owners have a great idea about plants. That too, about plants used indoors. In addition, given the novel techniques and substances used for building offices, situations could arise where certain plants cannot adapt to the interior surroundings or look woefully out of place. Expert advice could give you access to plants that could survive in dimly lit conditions, even as they enhance your interiors.

A professional provider of plants on hire would also look after and maintain your plants. The best providers of plants on hire have a dedicated team of professionals. This team would visit your premise regularly, inspect your plants, maintain them and keep them healthy.

Lease-A-Leaf – Your One-Stop Shop for Indoor and Outdoor Plant Hire in Australia

Whether you need to hire indoor or outdoor plants, you need to source them from an expert. Lease-A-Leaf is a leading provider of plant hire services in Sydney. We have over 30 years of experience in the domain. Naturally, this reflects in our existing client base of over 400 business houses ranging from small business enterprises to blue-chip companies.

By engaging us, you would gain access to a dedicated staff, who would help you beautify and enliven your facilities naturally. Not only do we offer a wide selection of plants with various attractive attributes. We also provide a wide range of the latest and most stylish planters and accessories. Therefore, rely on the experts for making your facility naturally aesthetic. Call us at 02 9486 3160 for more details.