Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Houseplant Decoration Style

Indoor plants look beautiful, however one should know the secrets of displaying them to realize their full potential. Use of decorative containers can ensure best results with Macquarie park indoor plant hire. Stylish pots can enhance the appearance of beautiful indoor plants.

Grouping the houseplants adds an important feature to the room. Indoor plants like Primroses looks exotic with their bright and colourful foliage which are grouped in a bowl. There are several other unique and exciting ideas which can be used with Macquarie park indoor plant hire to get the best look and style out of your indoor plants.

Use of earth elements like pebbles, sheet moss and twine, you can create serene yet dramatic compositions with your indoor houseplants. While choosing plants, consider the shape, texture, habit and colouring in addition to the place where you plan to keep your indoor plants. Experiment with unusual containers for an unique style with Macquarie park indoor plant hire.

North Ryde indoor plant hire – An introduction with the Lucky Bamboo

North Ryde indoor plant hire - An introduction with the Lucky Bamboo
The sight of the Lucky Bamboo is quite common in households and offices because of various reasons. According to the Chinese tradition and feng shui, the lucky bamboo can mean different arrangement depending on the number of stalks. Two stalks would mean love, three means happiness, wealth and long life, whereas six stalks would represent good luck and wealth and thereon.
The tough stalks of lucky bamboo can survive challenging conditions and a wide variety of lighting which makes it popular for North Ryde indoor plant hire. In actual, lucky bamboo is not bamboo but a species of Dracaena sanderiana. Lucky bamboo prefers filtered sunlight and pure water. They can thrive well in a simple vase filled with distilled water, where you need to change the water every week. In order to keep your houseplant healthy, it is important to trim and prune them regularly. Yellow leaves would mean too much fertilizer or direct sunlight. It is important to provide proper care to North Ryde indoor plant hire for best results.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Choosing a Healthy Houseplant

There are few things to consider when you are looking for a healthy houseplant for Chatswood indoor plant hire. First and foremost, the plant should be aesthetically pleasing, have a great foliage and sport vibrant colours. Carefully inspect the leaves and stem for any bugs and pests which would indicate an unhealthy plant.
The roots of the plant should be firm but not stressed. Mushy spots on the leaves, yellowing, curling and black spots would mean plant diseases and hence those plants should be avoided for Chatswood indoor plant hire.

For flowering plants, it is important to count the buds which would ensure future blooms once you hire those plants. Chatswood indoor plant hire should only include healthy and beautiful plants which can promise longevity, enhanced aesthetics and an amazing environment. The shape of the houseplant should be compact with multiple stems. Experts at Lease-A-Leaf can help you with the correct combination of plants for Chatswood indoor plant hire.

Indoor plant hire – Popular Species for Indoor Bonsai Plants

Most of the bonsai plants which are used for indoor plant hire require frequent watering and adequate sunlight. They can thrive well under indoor conditions, however they prefer to enjoy the same care and maintenance as applicable for outdoor bonsai plants.
It is important to expose your indoor bonsai plants to direct sunlight or, high intensity growing lamps. Let’s know which are the most commonly used bonsai plants used for indoor plant hire.

  • The Snow Rose which is also known as serissa japonica produces attractive flowers and tiny leaves. They are sensitive to changes in temperature, lighting and watering but can quickly adapt to changing conditions and rebound to health.
  • Ficus is definitely one of the most popular bonsai species used for indoor plant hire which can be grown easily. Characterised with lush green foliage, interesting roots and fast growth, Ficus benjamina is an excellent bonsai.
  • Chinese elms are the easiest bonsai plants which are grown for indoor plant hire and characterized with small leaves, woody trunks, fast growth and short nodes.