Chatswood indoor plant hire – Creating a container garden

Container gardens provides the best solution for limited garden spaces where you don’t have the freedom to have a full-fledged garden. However, when you plan for a container garden, there are few important tips that can help.

The following tips would help during Chatswood indoor plant hire and allow your container garden to create a colourful and vibrant garden.

  • Choosing the best time to plant: It is important to protect your plants from the frost which is an impediment to proper growth of plants chosen as part of Chatswood indoor plant hire. It is also advisable to choose plastic containers because they can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • Choosing the best potting mix: The soil and the potting mix should be selected based on the species of the houseplant chosen as part of Chatswood indoor plant hire.
  • The containers should have proper drainage holes and one should ensure proper watering depending on the species of the plant.
  • The plant placement should be done carefully and possibly with the assistance of an expert for best results.

North Sydney plant hire – Paint your interior with a splash of colour

With the perfect pick of North Sydney plant hire you can bring splashes of colour to your office and home. With tropical flower and foliage plants you can bring in purple, red and black colours effortlessly. For brightening dark spots in your office space you can choose Arisaema plants.

With coloured and patterned foliage back in demand, flame nettles or coleus can be used to create a vibrant patio space. Easy to grow these plants are easily available from dealers providing North Sydney plant hire services. To ensure longevity water your plants properly and remove buds during their blooming season.

The Parrot’s beak with its red flowers and ferny foliage makes it ideal for hanging baskets. This plant species requires more care during winter, however grows well in the summer. Arisaema is noted for its large leaves and beautiful flowers along with a delightful fragrance.

Short term plant hire – Choosing the best Houseplants for winter

Seasonal house plants for winter should be chosen carefully because they should maintain their beauty despite the low temperatures and inclement weather conditions. Short term plant hire is an excellent idea for ceremonies and special occasions. However, you need to ensure that the plants look their best during the event.

There are several species of plants that grow and bloom well in winter. Some of the most common species of plants which are ideal for winter includes Chrysanthemum, Cyclamen, Heather, Hydrangea and Streptocarpus. Depending on your personal preferences and budget, you may have additional choices for short term plant hire during winter.
The criterion for selection of plants for short term plant hire should include the following i.e. beautiful colour, foliage, fragrance, longevity and need for minimal care. With a little care and attention, they should be able to create the best display for events during winter. You can place an order online and get the plants delivered at your doorstep along with experts who can help you with the set up.

Plant hire services – Planting Window Boxes

With space constraints, plant hire services have identified window boxes as the perfect solution to create a gorgeous display of flowering house plants. However, you need to set them up correctly for best results. Here’s how you can ensure that you have the perfect set up for window boxes.

  • Selecting appropriate containers: Plant hire services would assist you in choosing the best container for your plants. The container should have proper drainage holes to ensure that water doesn’t clog at the bottom thereby rotting the roots of your houseplants. Cedar containers are preferred because they are rot resistant. One can also choose terra cotta boxes.
  • Getting the best plants: As part of plant hire services, experts would assist in choosing the best houseplants for your window box. Using diverse plants with varying leaf sizes and different growth habits helps in creating a beautiful display.
  • Good quality potting mix is necessary to ensure best growing conditions for your plants.