Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Choosing beautiful Vines

There are endless options available with beautiful vines where you can either grow them in a hanging basket or set them on a table and place a small trellis in the container. There are different arrangements to support the growth of climbing houseplants by using rattan, wire, wood and bamboo.

One needs to make sure that they insert the supports for the vines into the pot during planting. There are different styles and arrangements for Macquarie park indoor plant hire where one can choose a round arch type support for plants like Dipladenia, Climbing Lily, Passion flower, Jasmine etc.

For people favouring trellises, there are houseplants like Plush vine, Grape ivy, English ivy, Chestnut vine etc. which suits the arrangement. There are various vines which can be easily incorporated into your decor.

Express plant hire – Decorating with Houseplants

Express plant hire can improve the aesthetics and ambience of any location, however for best results one needs to ensure the right combination of colour and harmony in the arrangement. One can use their creative ideas and let their taste and imagination plan the plant decor for decorating with houseplants.

A large space needs numerous flowering plants arranged in a basket or pot to add a beautiful colourful accent to the room. Large leafed plants like Ficus benghalensis, dracaena, philodendron etc. are generally preferred for express plant hire.

Placing the plants at strategic locations where it gets maximum visibility is important. Express plant hire should be accompanied with a simple background for the plants to highlight its foliage. The colours of leaves and flowers of the plants should be chosen carefully as per the decor.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Beware of these Poisonous Houseplants

While choosing houseplants for Chatswood indoor plant hire, one needs to be extremely careful. There are certain houseplants which can cause illness if eaten or cause skin irritation. Brightly coloured leaves and fruits can be tempting for kids and pets, and hence one should call a physician immediately if your child has eaten any poisonous plant.
Here is a list of few common houseplants with poisonous foliage.

  • English Ivy : Also known as Hedera helix, the leaves are poisonous if eaten and the sap can cause skin irritation.
  • Pothos: Usually non-lethal, but it causes burning sensation in mouth.
  • False Jerusalem Cherry: It contains poisonous berries.
  • Glory Lily : All parts of this plant species is known to be poisonous.
  • Sago Palm: The seeds are toxic with the other parts being equally poisonous.

Hire plants Sydney – Light Requirements for Indoor plants

Light is vital to the growth of indoor plants, however every plant species has varying light requirements. There are three important lighting factors that control the growth of hire plants Sydney.

The spectrum of light which includes the warmth and cool colours.The amount of light i.e. number of daylight hours

The level of light ranging between direct sunlight and full shadeCertain indoor plants prefer filtered sunlight like Coleus, Pelargonium, Tradescantia, begonias etc. There are other indoor plants like Croton, Cyclamen, Impatiens, and Gloxinia which prefers bright indirect sunlight. Hire plants Sydney like Caladiums, Dracaena, Maranta etc. are popular in cubicles and offices which generally prefer low light or light shade conditions. For indoor plants which are placed in corners usually prefer heavy shade like Philodendron, Peace lily, Calathea etc.