North Sydney plant hire – Revival Tips for your Houseplants

Once you bring your houseplants from the garden centre, they would go through a transition phase and normally get acclimatized with your indoor space, however in case you are having trouble with your houseplants, try the below tips.

  •  North Sydney plant hire requires the correct light arrangements, so placing them away from a south facing window may just help.
  • When you see the plant leaves turning bright yellow or falling off, they could be suffering from irregular watering schedules. Ensure optimal watering for your houseplants.
  • Soak the houseplants to revive them such that the plant can have a good supply of water.
  • Allow the plant to drain off excess water before repositioning them.
  • Most plants prefer to be kept moist but not wet during their growing season and a slightly drier environment during their dormant season.
  • To shape your plants, prune them well.

Short term plant hire – Picking the perfect Houseplant

If you are looking for short term plant hire, however you are still struggling to pick the perfect houseplant, don’t worry we have the beginner’s guide to help you. The best part is that there are no major penalties in case you go wrong with your choice. For your short term plant hire, you should be aware of the watering schedule. Desert plants demand less watering whereas the big leaved tropical houseplants need regular watering.
Consider pothos vines, philondendron etc. for regular watering and cactus or succulents for least watering requirements. Next, you need to have a fair idea of the lighting requirements of the plants. Most houseplants thrive well under low and medium light conditions. Choose a plant that fits the available space. As long as the colour of leaves stay Ok and the plant is firm and upright, you don’t need to worry much. Buy a decorative container of your choice which can exude style and opulence for enhanced aesthetics.

Plant hire services – The right care for Orchids

Plant hire services are extremely useful in ensuring the right care and maintenance for the growth of orchids which have a different life cycle when compared to other indoor plants. They need a special orchid compost and need very few nutrients. For longevity and a colourful bloom, you need the perfect combination of temperature, air, light, nutrients and humidity.

Orchids are known to grown in diverse climatic zones cutting across moist, cool regions to hot and dry areas. It is important to find species which suits well to the environment you can offer. There are certain important tips from the experts which would help in ensuring the best care for Orchids.

Plant hire services ensure that Orchids avoid direct sunlight, and never placed too close to the window pane. During the winter, ensure that the windows are properly insulated to avoid the harsh cold conditions.

Hire plants Sydney – Gerberra Jamesonii for Indoor plant hire

The easiest way to brighten up your indoor space during the winters is with a flowering plant. With beautiful flowers in yellow, red or orange, the Gerberra jamesonii is perfect for hire plants Sydney. It can easily brighten up the dull winter days with its beautiful bloom.
This plant is also known to be extremely effective in removing harmful chemical vapours due to its high transpiration rate. Hire plants Sydney needs to be protected from midday sun as it may age the blooms prematurely.
It needs proper care and maintenance which means that the soil should be evenly moist and one needs to feed regularly during the blooming season. In case the air is too warm or dry, there are chances of spider mite infestation. Although in its natural state, Gerberra jamesonii is generally yellow, red or orange, there are commercial growers who can ensure crimson, white, salmon or cream flowers as well.