Macquarie park indoor plant hire – Choosing natural stone containers

Indoor plants have become exceedingly popular over the last few years as more and more benefits get associated with it. However, the often ignored yet extremely critical part of Macquarie park indoor plant hire is the container. There are wide varieties of sizes, colours, materials and styles available for containers.

The polished steel planters are best for corporate settings, whereas custom made wooden pots are best for communal areas and the ones with seashell mosaics looks great to show off your plants. However, there are several benefits associated with the use of natural stone containers with Macquarie park indoor plant hire.
Being 100% natural, these containers are completely eco-friendly. Built to last with excellent craftsmanship, they are complete value for money.

The understated look of the container allows the plant to garner maximum attention, thereby creating a beautiful focal point. They can fit well into any setting and complement bright walls and furnishings extremely well.

North Ryde indoor plant hire – Get Stylish with a large Metal Container

Planting schemes are almost incomplete without the perfect choice of container. For large offices, an exterior landscape or the atrium, a large metal container ensures that the plants get noticed and appreciated for its impeccable beauty. The sleek look of the metal pot provides the perfect backdrop for corporate events and meetings.
There are myriad choices available in terms of the shape, style, sizes and colours of the metal container.

North Ryde indoor plant hire provides versatile pots which can easily fit into many places. The elegance of the beautiful metal planters makes the indoor plants a stylish focal point.

For walkways in shopping centres, beautiful plants in large metal containers looks exceedingly beautiful. However, metal provides various options in softer tones which can fit easily in many different settings apart from large corporate or commercial space. With shiny, bronzed and brushed versions of large metal containers available with North Ryde indoor plant hire, you would be spoilt for choice.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Growing colourful Coleus

Coleus is grown specifically for its colourful foliage which adds a dash of style and opulence to any interior decor. They can easily create a striking array of patterns with their leaves being available in orange, green, purple, yellow and red. They are quite a fun to propagate because every bloom creates a new pattern.
With Chatswood indoor plant hire, you can find almost 60 different varieties of Coleus. To grow this beautiful plant indoors, one needs to ensure enough moisture, heat and humidity. In case the plant starts to shed leaves, it would mean that it’s too dark for the plant. And, if the colour fades away, it could be getting too much sun.
For propagation of Coleus, Chatswood indoor plant hire use either cuttings or seed. However, they look best when they are grown exclusively for their foliage. It needs bright light, high humidity, above 60 degree Fahrenheit in the summer and slow release pellets of fertilizer for the best growing conditions.

Sydney indoor plant hire – Flower plants for indoor displays

Usually people think of philodendrons and other decorative plants when it comes to Sydney indoor plant hire. However, during the spring it makes more sense to move your garden indoors with pots of flowering plants. To grow beautiful flowering plants like begonias, petunias, primrose, pansies etc., you need to use fresh potting soil.
Flowering plants shouldn’t be planted deep. To look their best, flowering plants would need adequate watering. Also, they would need as much sun as possible to ensure the best bloom. The display of Sydney indoor plant hire could be either an involved display or just a simple pot of peonies. When making combinations of flowering plants, do consider their colour, growth rate and need for water and light.
For your container garden, mix in trailing plants like pothos vines and alternate them with smaller flowers. Few combinations which are extremely popular with Sydney indoor plant hire includes begonias with foliage plants, begonias with petunias and tulips with primrose

Express plant hire – Beautiful ways to display your houseplants

When it comes to adorn your house or a venue for a special occasion with houseplants, you need to be innovative and creative with Express plant hire. An organized arrangement adds colour, style and an artistic bloom to the space.
Palms, ferns and spider plants can provide greenery and exotic ornamentation with their presence.

A north placing place is ideal for ferns, spider plants and peace lilies which needs slightly different levels of light. The warm atmosphere generally suits the Citrus calamondin and hypoestes. With less conventional containers and beautiful plants, you can make plants your focal point.

To bring an alfresco feel to indoors, try stylish outdoor accessories like faux sandstone planters. Cactus and succulents can add an exotic twist to your home. By adding pebbles to the bottom of the container, you not only assist the drainage but also add a decorative touch to a glass container for express plant hire.