Sydney indoor plant hire – Creative ways to add an artistic vibe

Indoor houseplants are making a resurgence with their chic way to add a natural feel to your home and office. There are several creative ways to use Sydney indoor plant hire to add a great artistic vibe to the décor.

  • Use of decorative containers with an interesting shape adds more style and brilliance when compared to the plain terra cotta pots.
  • Sculpture garden with succulents and cacti can create an assortment of textures and colour. They are low maintenance and hence ideal for Sydney indoor plant hire.
  • Miniature topiaries add a classic and elegant style to your home. Use English ivy to create twist and twirls.
  • Oversized plants adds greenery to your interior without the need to care for multiple plants.
  • Indoor plants can be placed strategically to hide any bland space, thereby adding a visual interest to your décor.

Express plant hire – Indoor plants which grows quickly

There are several indoor plants which grow quickly and hence preferred by indoor gardeners for creating beautiful indoor displays. Plants which are grown from roots are known to grow faster than the one grown from seeds. Also, the plant would need adequate heat, moisture, light, and other growing conditions.

The passion plant can grow really quick, however nothing grows faster than bamboo. Hibiscus and ficus trees are popular for express plant hire because they create outstanding displays of colour and foliage. In order to create a desert décor with Express plant hire, all you need is a plastic tray which can be filled with a mix of sand and potting soil and then plant lithops or pebble plants.

Areca palms are extremely popular indoor plants which thrives without much care. The peace lily with its white flowers, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Chinese evergreen, Philodendrons, Snake Plant etc. are popular indoor plants for express plant hire which offers great style and colour.

North Sydney plant hire – Amazing Air Plants

There are high chances that you would have never come across the term tillandsia before, however you would have known it by its common name i.e. Air plant. Drastically different from other plants because they don’t need soil to live. They absorb necessary nutrients and moisture through their leaves.

There are different varieties of tillandsia which mostly prefers warm and humid climate i.e. areas with high humidity. They make great indoor houseplants and hence ideal for North Sydney plant hire because they require minimal care. There are several benefits associated with Air plants like a unique display, an inviting atmosphere apart from the common benefits offered by most houseplants.

Artificial lighting or bright light is crucial for the growth of Air plants. For North Sydney plant hire of Air plants in a particularly dry place, it is generally recommended to mist your air plants with water every other day.

Short term plant hire – Large Metal Containers add Style and Grandeur

These days the container is equally important as the plant when used for short term plant hire for events and special occasions. For big spaces like an exterior landscape or atrium, a large metal container makes sure that your plant stands out and gets noticed by guests.
The sleek look along with its brilliant style makes it perfect for a corporate event. The solid, weighty presence and glossy finish makes it ideal for short term plant hire. There are several different styles, shape and colours available making it extremely versatile which can fit well into any event that needs short term plant hire.
Metal containers are available in many shades of grey and other softer tones and shapes which makes a great style statement. Shiny, bronzed or even a rust coloured metal container adds a versatile range of style and aura to corporate events, meetings and special occasions.