Outdoor plant hire – Wedding flowers for a romantic ambience

Outdoor plant hire can be used to create attention grabbing floral displays for special events like weddings. Lease-A-Leaf offers beautiful plant containers to enhance reception venues and ceremonial areas tailored to your specific theme.

For a spring or summer wedding, light and sweet scents are preferred. When you are looking for sweet scented flowers, you can try lilac, roses, sweet peas, carnations or bouvardia. Similarly, for an autumn wedding, the outdoor plant hire should include spicy or peppery scents which can add a spice to your floral displays.

Exotic fragranced flowers are generally used in small numbers so that an impact is created without the smell being too intense. Flowers which emanate a strong scent includes gardenia, stephanotis and different types of oriental lily. Citrus floral displays add energy and vibe to your wedding. One can enjoy a wide range of scented flowers with outdoor plant hire for short term floral displays tailored to suit your choice and preference.


Office Plants – Design and Plant Care Tips

The benefits of office plants can’t be overstated, however it is equally important to focus on their design and care. For office cubicles, it is generally recommended to focus on easy-care office plants which can survive even when you skip watering for a day or two. For cubicles with low or filtered light, one can choose snake plant, pothos or philodendrons.
One can choose jade, ferns, cacti or succulents for a sunny sill with moderate to bright light facilities. There are several office plants which reduces air pollutants and hence ideal for a workspace. This includes dracaenas, peace lilies, rubber plants etc.
Office plants shouldn’t have dry soil, nor they should sit in a saucer of water. During winters when the heaters tend to create dry, arid conditions, office plants may need little extra water. Try to best to avoid placing office plants near radiators, vents or exterior doors which may create hot or cold spots.

Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire – Choosing the Best Services

Research studies have confirmed the numerous benefits associated with Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire. Plants in offices are known to improve the work environment by reducing anxiety and fatigue among employees while promoting improved health by giving fresh and pure air. When you start searching for service providers who offer Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire services, there are certain things one must enquire before hiring them.

  • Cost: Definitely one needs to stay in budget and hence you need to find prices which are affordable. A pragmatic approach where you get necessary plants at the best price is recommended.
  • Variety: Good service providers would offer myriad options when you plan for Macquarie Park Indoor plant hire. There are different plants available depending on the office location, size and ambience.
  • Service Quality: Would the service provider offer maintenance services as well? Installation of plants and their regular maintenance is important to guarantee longevity.

North Ryde Indoor plant hire – Excellent Desk Plants for Workplace

There is a lot of misconception about North Ryde Indoor plant hire where many feel that there is not much difference between plants. In actual, plants are very different to each another in terms of foliage, flowers, colour, growing conditions etc. There are several plants which can bring charm and aura to your office space, however one also needs to factor in the lighting conditions available for the plant.
Because of the wide array of choice, we do have few plants which are best suited for low light office spaces.

  • Spider Plant: One of the most popular office plants for North Ryde Indoor plant hire, it doesn’t need much light to grow making it ideal for office cubicles.
  • Parlour Palm: It’s one of the smaller indoor palms which can easily grow under average room temperatures and doesn’t expect too much watering or direct sunlight.
  • Corn Plant: It can easily become the focal point of your office and being small in size, it fits in well as an excellent desk plant for your cubicle.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Interesting and Peculiar Indoor Plants

Nature never fails to amaze us and its diversity is best reflected with the unusual indoor plants we have. Plants which originates from the far reaches of the globe can be easily cultivated and used for Chatswood indoor plant hire thereby adding charm and splendour to your home and office décor.

  • Living stones has an amazing semblance to small stones thereby making it a fascinating houseplant.
  • Air plants is a rootless wonder which takes in moisture and nutrients through its leaves thereby creating endless possibilities to grow and use for Chatswood indoor plant hire.
  • The Paddle plant has large and flat leaves which justifies its name. It needs bright light to thrive while its greenish grey leaves turn red tinged when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The Coffee plant which contributes to your morning cup of coffee can be cultivated as a beautiful houseplant, however it rarely flowers or produces fruit indoors.