North Ryde indoor plant hire – Live or Artificial plants?

From a visual perspective, there is very little to differentiate between live and artificial plants. Artificial indoor plants looks so lifelike that one would need to touch them to understand if they are real or not. Artificial plants are extremely easy to maintain because apart from occasional dusting, there is absolutely no maintenance needed.
North Ryde indoor plant hire is dependent on the availability of light and water facilities for their live plants, whereas artificial plants can go anywhere and still look good. The major difference between live and artificial plants are the health benefits associated with live plants. Live plants make life less stressful, more productive and creative.
Live plants are also known to purify the indoor air and improve the humidity levels in your house. For people who work in closed office environment, use of live plants makes life easier and healthy.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Make your office desk look more promising

The office space is an important place where many of us spend close to 70% of our time. Outdoor plant hire is known to be one of the most effective stress busters which also offers several health benefits along with beautiful aesthetics.
Some of the exciting plants which can be used for your office desk includes Peace Lily, Cactus, Syngonium, Alocasia Amazonica, Bonsai and many more. Peace Lily has a beautiful blend of white and green petals signifying peace. They are easy to maintain and known for their air purifying capabilities. The dwarf miniature cactus plants are exciting and they can add a variety of shape and colours to the interior.
The soil needs to be humid and warmed throughout the year for the Alocasia Amazonica. The plant is easy to maintain, however needs bright light but no direct sunlight. The Syngonium is a fantastic accessory for your office cubicle with its arrow leaves which adds beauty to the office space.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Beautiful plants for Spa and restaurants

Spas and restaurants need to have a planting scheme to complement its natural decor. Chatswood indoor plant hire includes planting themes which can reflect the natural tones along with the containers in a natural textured finish. The light levels vary considerably throughout the spa and restaurants which needs Chatswood indoor plant hire to choose plants suitable for different positions.
Common houseplants like Dracaena fragrans, Kentia palm, Beaucarnea recurvata etc. are considered as excellent choices for spas and restaurants. The free standing plants add to the relaxed feel of the reception and boutique areas.
The planting scheme used by Chatswood indoor plant hire is generally kept simple and clean. Plants like Schefflera aboricola with its heavy stem create an avenue effect. There are several health benefits associated with the use of plants in spas and restaurants. Research studies have shown that Chatswood indoor plant hire makes tasks less stressful and helps in maintaining the perfect blood pressure levels.

Sydney indoor plant hire – Choosing natural stone planters

Over the years, Sydney indoor plant hire has become extremely popular due to the myriad benefits offered by houseplants. The importance of planters can’t be overstated. Natural stone planters are available in many forms, colours and sizes which ensures bespoke designs that fits in well into any setting.

Corporate settings prefer polished steel planters whereas customized wooden planters are best suited for communal areas. For over thousand years, ceramic pots have been used for growing plants. The natural stone planters are completely handmade and eco-friendly. Natural stone planters used in Sydney indoor plant hire are made to be weighty and sturdy.

The exotic, ancient look created by natural stone planters offers a beautiful aged finish. The understated look of the natural stone planters allows Sydney indoor plant hire to shows its style and exuberance. Stone planters are also available in classic colours such as midnight blues and wine reds which adds an aesthetic value to Sydney indoor plant hire.


Express plant hire – Best options for a winter garden

There are many houseplants which can be zapped by the first real freeze, however fortunately there are many options available for express plant hire during the winters. Mache is popular as a winter crop which can grow well steadily below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Another cold hardy plant Giant red Mustard thrives well in nippy weather whose large leaves make good leaf wraps. Winter cress which is also known as the upland cress or creasy greens has a mustard like flavour and develops a great taste with colder temperatures.
Fenugreek seeds germinate quickly and the greens can be collected while the temperatures hover above freezing. There are lot of vibrant and beautiful houseplants used for express plant hire which fills winter with colour and life. Primula forbesii with its deep pink and bright flowers grows well throughout the winters. During the winters, express plant hire should ensure to keep the compost on the dry side and water once a week.