Chatswood indoor plant hire – Beautiful and Exotic Orchids to grow

The exotic and spectacular bloom of the orchids make them excellent houseplants which can be simple to maintain once you understand the conditions they enjoy. Orchids which can naturally grow on trees are known as epiphytes whereas those which grow on ground are known as terrestrial orchids which require a moister compost compared to the epiphytes.  The Green Mist or, the Cattleya is an exotic orchid which can be chosen as part of Chatswood indoor plant hire. They enjoy warm and humid conditions and they need to be cut to their stem after flowering. Similarly, the Dendrobium or, Thailand Black has stunning flowers which can last about six weeks.
The Disa aurata or, the golden disa prefers a cool and bright windowsill. The red disa, or the disa uniflora needs permanently wet conditions and offers pink or yellow flowers. There are several other species of beautiful Orchids which can be chosen as part of Chatswood Indoor plant hire which includes Prosthechea prismatocarpa, Phalaenopsis, and the Vanda.

North Sydney plant hire – Know more about photoperiodism

There are certain houseplants which are sensitive to the day length, otherwise known as photoperiodism. One needs to know more about this to increase the productivity of garden during North Sydney plant hire. The way in which plants habituate themselves with the amount of daylight is known as photoperiodism.
This behaviour affects every aspect of a plant’s growth i.e. when would they bloom, when will they set fruit or, when it’s time to bolt. There are basically three categories of plants i.e. Long-day plants, Short-day plants and Day-Neutral plants. The Long day plants start to bloom when the days start to get longer because increased daylight spurs their blooming,
In case of short day plants, they grow best in early spring or autumn when there’s less daylight. Day-neutral plants, as the name suggests are not affected by the length of daytime. One can now choose plants accordingly when planning for North Sydney plant hire based on their behaviour depending on the amount of daylight available.

Express Plant Hire – Beautiful ways to use potted plants in weddings

Weddings are normally about fresh flowers in a floral arrangement, however potted plants through express plant hire can add a dash of beauty and style in an eco-friendly manner. There are myriad ways to incorporate express plant hire displays in a wedding from hanging displays, houseplant centrepieces on raised pillars to using potted plants in the wedding décor.
Potted plants can be used for displaying the escort card, and also as beautiful centrepieces. The planters can as well be lined around the dance floor which is also a smart way to hide the extension cords. Beautiful planters with exotic plants can be used for the table numbers or, used to decorate the entrance décor.
The walkaway can be lined up with beautiful plants as part of express plant hire thereby creating a memorable experience when the bride walks down the aisle. One can add a splash of colour, style and beauty with the use of potted plants in weddings.

Short term plant hire – Add a splash of colour with houseplants

If you are looking for something beyond the bouquets, then it’s time to explore the world of short term plant hire with colourful houseplants. The colourful blossoms will not only brighten up the space but also clean and purify the air. They also don’t demand much sunlight, making them perfect additions for low light areas as well.
Violas have almost 500 species to choose from, and they normally grow during the spring. The Phalaenopsis Orchid is a beautiful plant apt for short term plant hire, which can grow well in low to medium light, warm temperatures and requires minimal watering.
The Oxalis purple clover requires the right balance of light and temperature to produce beautiful royal purple leaves with a shamrock shape. A hanging basket of Begonias or, a planter by the window makes an excellent addition to any space.