Outdoor Plant Hire – Why do leaves turn yellow?

For people planning for Outdoor plant hire, it is important to understand signs which may signal that the plant is unhealthy. There could be many reasons behind the leaves turning yellow. In certain cases, this process is completely natural while in others it can be caused by pests or environmental changes.
Outdoor plant hire must always ensure that the plants are watered regularly. If the plant remains without water for long, the leaves will turn yellow and die. Similarly, dropping leaves is a natural phenomenon in case of drought to conserve water because plants lose water through the broad leaves.
Pest infestation can also cause the yellowing process. Common pests like aphids and spider mites suck nutrients from the leaves and cause discolouration of the leaves. Environmental changes like heat spells, sun burn, frosts etc. can cause outdoor plant hire to become stressed thereby causing the leaves to yellow.

Hire plants Sydney – Interior plants as an office decor

Modern architectural designs understand the importance of hire plants Sydney, hence there is a growing popularity of using interior plants as an office decor. With hire plants Sydney in the workplace, the atmosphere becomes alive and welcoming. The presence of office plants adds warmth which creates an ambience that is synchronized with the nature around them.
Hire plants Sydney can bring a dramatic dimension to the office space when used as the focal point. Suitable foliage can be used to conceal unsightly features such as water pipes, electrical wiring etc. along a wall. Hire plants Sydney to break the monotony of large glass windows by making them look more interesting.
For a bright glare which can be distracting, hire plants Sydney to partially filter the illumination. Shrubs can be used to define an area, reduce noise and attractively finish off any division of space. There is a pleasing variety of indoor plants with varying shape, sizes and colours to redefine your office space.

Plant Hire Services – Best Bromeliads for Indoors

Bromeliads are considered to be wonderful houseplants which are offered as part of plant hire services. The bromeliads feature beautiful flowers and foliage which are tolerant of low light. Some of the most common bromeliads for indoors include Aechmea, Guzmania, Neoregelia and Vriesea. Aechmea is one of the most resilient bromeliads which is popular for plant hire services. These large beautiful feature beautiful flowers and bracts that can last up to 6 months. As part of the plant hire services, Guzmania bromeliads are available in a striking arrays of colours.
The Neoregelia bromeliads frequently have gorgeous foliage that can provide months of colour. This species is slightly more cold hardy than the other bromeliads. The Vriesea are beautiful bromeliads which have colourful and flat flower bracts with tiny flowers. These bromeliads are perfect desktop plants for low light conditions and hence popular for plant hire services.


Short term plant hire – The best flowering hanging basket

A short term plant hire can be used to duplicate the look of a professional flowering hanging basket using high quality materials and dense planting techniques. The flowering basket can be lined with coco choir or moss liner which allows excellent drainage and aesthetics.
The bottom of the coco liner can be lined to prevent excess water from running out of the basket. The selection of a high quality potting soil for the hanging basket is the most important step to get the best out of short term plant hire. Short term plant hire of plants like salvia, celosia or an angelonia acts as a great focal point for the best flowering hanging basket.
The focal plant can be surrounded with flowers which have trailing habits. Water the flowering hanging basket perhaps twice a day when hot and dry conditions persist. Fertilize the flowering hanging basket twice a month to keep them looking great throughout.