Hire Plants Sydney – Why is hiring better than buying plants?

There are numerous reasons behind the use of hire plants Sydney either at home or workplace. However, it’s always best to focus on your business which you do best rather than concentrating on the plant species which suit your office conditions. One should leave the intricacies of choosing the best plants to the experts.
Although plants add a dash of beauty with their presence, it can be extremely challenging to take care and maintain the plants. Hire plants Sydney seems to be a better option than buying the plants because in that case maintenance and care of the plants is managed by the experts.  It’s not just the plants, but the containers as well which improve the aesthetics of your office and home. Hire plants Sydney offer the option to make the best use of beautiful pots which are carefully chosen based on the plant species and the ambience. Overall, hire plants Sydney offers complete value for money.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Brilliant ideas with potted plants in a Wedding

Outdoor plant hire with fresh flowers make a stunning floral arrangement, however one can also consider potted plants for wedding occasions. Not only is outdoor plant hire an eco-friendly and great way to celebrate the special day but also adds a dash of style and opulence to the occasion.
Escort cards in the potted plants look beautiful along with using the plants as magnificent centre pieces. Outdoor plant hire can also be used to suspend exotic plants above the escort card table for a beautiful backdrop. A great way to hide the extension cords is to use outdoor plant hire to line the dance floor.
The potted plants can have the table numbers for your guests which makes a great way to welcome your guests and friends. The ceremony entrance door can be beautifully decorated with floral arrangements provided by outdoor plant hire. Bright flowers are bound to add energy and excitement to the entire ambience.

Office Plants – Low maintenance cubicle friendly plants

Office plants are known to improve the air quality, brighten your workday and improve concentration. The biggest challenge with office plants is their maintenance and care. During winter months, the challenge gets compounded due to the adverse weather conditions.  However, there are several office plant species which can thrive well during the winter months as well. Oxalis is one of the best office plants with beautiful deep purple leaves and a mix of white and pink flowers for the winter months. Jade plants are excellent succulents which thrive well under low light conditions.
Umbrella plants are extremely hardy and they are just happy with low light, and regular watering. Peace lilies grow well under low light conditions and need just once a week watering schedule. Bamboo can grow well under normal office lights and just need the water level up in the container. The English Ivy is an ideal office plant with pretty tendrils of leaves that can be trained in various directions.

Office Plants – Make your staff more productive

A new study suggests that one can make their office staff more productive by simply investing in office plants for the workplace. The study found that office plants were able to increase employee productivity by almost 15%. Previous studies have shown that office plants improve mood and reduce stress.
Use of office plants are reduce common ailments like sore throat, headaches and fatigue by almost 45%. The office space is always exposed to printers, whiteboard pens, photocopiers and cleaning products which emit volatile organic compounds that can cause eye irritation, headache, flu and fatigue.
Plants can improve air quality and employee health which in turn increases productivity substantially. The office plants can regulate humidity and make the office space welcoming and smell fresher. Some of the most common office plants which are extremely useful in improving employee productivity are Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, Dracaena, Spider plants, Philodendron and Lemon balm.