Express Plant Hire – Beautiful Fragrant Houseplants

The best way to decorate a space for any special occasion is through Express plant hire which allows one to choose beautiful fragrant houseplants. One can then use their creative ideas and imagination to plan the plant décor with beautiful fragrant houseplants. Express plant hire offers houseplants which provide scent from rich and flowery to warm and spicy. Scented geranium offer a wide range of aroma and one can choose from rose, lemon, nutmeg, chocolate scents etc. They also look extremely beautiful with their lovely range of leaf shapes from lacy to shield. The scented geraniums need a bright spot with regular watering and feeding. The Arabian Jasmine is another popular plant species offered as part of Express plant hire which offer the sweet scent of lemon, grapefruit or other citrus blossoms. Their white and starry flowers provide a flowery fragrance and can also be used to make jasmine tea. Sweet Bay is a beautiful slow growing shrub which has a savoury and herbal fragrance.

North Sydney Plant Hire – Key to proper care and maintenance

When the weather is not great outside, it is best to bring a bit of nature indoors with North Sydney Plant hire. There are several species of plants which thrive well under low light conditions and offer a wide range of health and economic benefits.

North Sydney plant hire requires the right amount of light to grow. So, while plants like cast iron plant and snake plant can grow happily in dim corners, blooming plants would need to be placed near a bright window. Most plant species need a container with drainage holes so that water doesn’t stand around the roots.

Plants may get dirty and dusty which is why it is important to clean them up regularly. Wipe the leaves of a large potted plant with a dry dust cloth or moist sponge. For flowering plants, North Sydney plant hire recommends regular grooming which includes taking off the dead and yellow leaves.

Short Term Plant Hire – Orchids as office plants

Orchids are beautiful additions to any space and they do extremely well for short term plant hire as well. They can thrive well under good light conditions, however they also do ok under limited light conditions. Although, they mayn’t last long and require a replacement. Hence orchids can be considered for short term plant hire in an office.
Orchids are extremely healthier than most people actually realize. They are best suited for offices because of the variety they offer in terms of the colour and shape. In order to ensure longevity, one would need to place them near a window.
The roots of orchids are very sensitive to standing water and hence one must never over water orchids. Choosing the right potting mix is crucial for the growth of orchids which is why short term plant hire recommends the use of a bark mixture and also includes periodic cleaning of its foliage to eliminate pests and improve its growing conditions.

Plant Hire Services – Different types of Houseplants

Plant hire services are crucial for having beautiful plants and maintaining them for both residential and commercial buildings. A green surrounding has shown to offer various benefits like improved productivity, reduced stress levels, better air quality and improved aesthetics.
There are different types of houseplants which are offered by Plant Hire Services. The choice of a type of houseplant depends entirely on the growing conditions available for the plant species and the budget. There are both flowering and non-flowering houseplants which are offered by Plant hire services.
There is an endless variety of house plants which includes African violets, Bonsai, Bromeliads, Cactus, English Ivy, Geraniums, Philodendrons, Spider plants, Poinsettia and many more. There are many varieties of herbs as well which can be grown as indoor houseplants as part of plant hire services. Some of the good examples include Chives, Basil and Parsley which can survive under limited light conditions of your home.