What are Some of the Most Popular Indoor Plants Used by Commercial Enterprises?

Some of the best plants offered by companies in Chatswood and elsewhere for indoor plant hire include:

  • The Spathiphyllum Species: This small to medium sized plant is ideal for desktops and small troughs. It features large and glossy dark green leaves.
  • The Dracaena Janet Craig: This plant is popular because it can handle dimly or poorly lit conditions with low water. This plant comes in troughs and single planters.
  • The Kentia Palm (or Howea Forsteriana): This large specimen palm comes in single planters. Victorian England hotels often used this classical palm tree.
  • The Umbrella Tree (or Schefflera Actinophylla): Ideally suited for the indoors, this plant is an Australian native plant from the tropics
  • The Golden Cane Palm (or Dypsis Lutescens): One of the most popular plants for temporary hire, this plant features attractive fronds and golden stems
  • The Tree Bird of Paradise (or Strelitzia Nicolai): This plant features large banana-type leaves. It is ideal for use in large areas.

What are the Benefits Offered by a Plant Rental Company?

Many people keep indoor plants in their houses. But looking after these plants often tends to cloud the utility these plants offer. Similarly, offices usually have a myriad of activities and details to deal with, instead of adding additional items to the list. Offices have the ability to purchase an assortment of potted plants for decorating their properties. But, renting or leasing these plants can often be beneficial too.

For instance, you might not be aware of the plants that offer the best value for your money. Therefore, you might end up purchasing plants that cannot adapt or thrive in your office. This will lead to a wastage of money. Instead, when you hire plants in Sydney or elsewhere, the service provider will send a professional office plant specialist to visit your facility. This specialist will advise you on the kinds of plants that would suit the environment at your office perfectly.

Many business owners believe that purchasing indoor plants involves spending a considerable sum of money. In addition, maintaining or taking care of these plants involves additional expenses too. This is where hiring plants is much more convenient. The plant rental company will keep your plants well cared for and maintained. Typically, these companies have dedicated teams that service offices in various locations. These professionals will attend to your indoor office plants and keep them healthy.

Some plant rental companies even offer landscaping services. You could use these for initiating interior landscaping throughout your property. Indoor plants are quite effective in reception or lobby areas. These specialists would be able to enhance the beauty of these areas by offering the best plants in stylish containers. They will also offer useful advice for incorporating beautiful planted office displays throughout the office. Moreover, they will ensure that all your indoor plants complement the décor and the ambience of the building.

In addition, it is worth noting that many modern offices are energy efficient. Therefore, they remain sealed to keep the elements and pollution out. Unfortunately, they also keep some of the indoor pollutants trapped indoors. Some businesses address this issue by purchasing top-end ventilation systems that require structural changes to the building. In contrast, by hiring plants you could achieve the same result without incurring much expense.

Why You Should Consider Having Indoor Plants in Your Office Space

Increasingly, many architects and designers are recognising the value offered by plants. Placing potted plants at regular intervals around the facility does enhance the visual appeal of the building. Instead of appearing as a mass of cement, concrete, metal or glass, the building exudes a natural and eye-pleasing look. Similarly, indoor plants play an active role in making the office more comfortable and pleasant too.

Many people in Sydney would be aware that indoor plants (as well as outdoor ones) produce oxygen. People use oxygen for breathing. However, not many office facilities offer the best levels of ventilation. In this scenario, using plants inside the office can facilitate a better level of ventilation. With their very presence, these plants can make a significant impact on the air that your workers breathe.

Plants also help in the bringing down the temperatures in their vicinity. This is why people take shade under trees and find a temperature difference in areas with trees as opposed to open, treeless spaces. Therefore, if you want to provide a cooler office to your employees, consider hiring various indoor plants. Without having to open your windows, these plants will make your office cooler and well ventilated.

Increasingly, people are aware of the effects of rapid industrialisation on the environment. The increased use of synthetic products as opposed to natural ones takes a toll on the environment. In addition, this often places a considerable strain on the available natural resources. To counter this, people focus on adopting various eco-friendly products and habits. Therefore, by using a variety of hedge plants indoors, you can make your office look greener and more colourful.

Furthermore, research has also revealed that indoor plants boost concentration levels of workers. This is why many offices are using these plants to provide healthier working conditions to their staff.

Cultivate a Pleasant Office Environment with the Best Plant Rentals

X factors usually denote two things. In many cases, they could represent a variable in a particular situation that has a significant impact on the outcome. They could refer to various noteworthy talents or qualities as well. Business and commercial establishments often seek to utilise any leverage they possess for gaining an edge over their business rivals.

This could involve purchasing office space in the best commercial hub in the city. It could involve hiring the best designers and landscaping experts to construct an energy efficient and a visually appealing building too. After all, neat and well-organised facilities often cast a spell on any visitors to the facility.

By impressing clients and customers with their facilities, a business owner can secure a massive windfall without doing anything out of the ordinary. However, many commercial buildings appear to be replicas of other similar facilities these days. The best way of distinguishing your office from others in this scenario, often lies in harnessing the benefits offered by indoor plant hire companies.