Hire Plants Sydney – Beautiful foliage indoor plants

Beautiful foliage plants are best used for hire plants Sydney as their brightly coloured leaves can set the tone for any room in the house. There are many attractive tropical houseplants which can be chosen for hire plants Sydney to dress up your home. The Peacock plant is one of the most common types of Calathea which has beautiful silver and green markings on the upper leaf surface. Rex Begonia is very popular for hire plants Sydney as they are available in a wide array of colour combinations of red, purple, green, pink and white. They are primarily grown for their dazzling foliage which grows to almost 2 feet tall and wide.
The China doll has finely textured leaves which can add grace and elegance to any room making it ideal for hire plants Sydney. The Aluminium plant makes an attractive table top plant or for hanging baskets where its compact size makes it great for terrariums.

Express plant hire – Colourful and Stylish Containers

Express plant hire is useful in making a style statement during special occasions with beautiful houseplants decorating the venue. Use of beautiful and stylish containers along with the right plant can add style and grace to any decor. Colourful and stylish containers must have proper drainage options to allow houseplants to grow well.The choice of the container style for express plant hire is unlimited from a classic terracotta pot to a clam shell. Depending on your budget, aesthetics and preference you may choose the best container which can allow the houseplants to thrive well.Terra cotta pots are classic containers which are porous and hence dry out easily specially in the sun. Glazed ceramic pots are the most gorgeous pots which can be chosen for express plant hire because they can be incredibly modern or classic in their design with stunning colours. The container size is very important as it decides the frequency of watering and amount of fertilizer needed for the growth of houseplants.

Chatswood indoor plant hire – Growing Rex Begonias

The colourful patterns and intriguingly shaped leaves of the Rex Begonias makes it a popular houseplant for Chatswood indoor plant hire. There are different hybrid varieties grown to have unusual leaf shapes, colours and markings. Rex Begonias will mostly have pink flowers, however the beauty lies in its leaves.
Chatswood indoor plant hire recommends pairing the Rex Begonia with solid green plants of different texture or form. The best way to display Rex Begonia would be to group them together in their own pot. The Rex Begonias can be extremely demanding when it comes to its care and maintenance.They usually prefer a light, rich soil which is well watered and kept moist. Humidity is extremely crucial for this plant where you can also cluster your plants so that it creates its own humid environment. Don’t feed Rex Begonia during the winter, while maintaining the right balance of growing conditions for Chatswood indoor plant hire.

Lease-A-Leaf – The Specialists in Temporary Plant Hire in Sydney

If you’re keen on using indoor and outdoor plants for beautifying your office, you need all the help you can get. As experts in the plant hire domain, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Given the numerous benefits that hiring plants offer, it makes sense to find a plant rental company par excellence.

Lease-A-Leaf is a leading provider of plant hire services in Sydney. We offer an assortment of indoor and outdoor plants that offer the best value for your money. In addition, our rates are quite cost effective as well. From plants that need low, medium or high light to plants that are ideal for desks, we stock a comprehensive array of plants. It’s hardly surprising that our existing client base comprises over 400 business houses ranging from small business enterprises to blue-chip companies.

By engaging us, you would gain access to a dedicated staff. These professionals are adept in helping you beautify and enliven your facilities. In addition, we provide a wide range of the latest and most stylish planters and accessories to back up our enviable stock of plants. To see the difference our plants could make to your facility, call us at 02 9486 3160.