Chatswood indoor plant hire – Things to Avoid

Chatswood indoor plant hire require houseplants to acclimatise themselves with the indoor environment. In this period of adjustment you may see few leaves drop at first but the goal should be to offer growing conditions as close to the ones preferred by the houseplant.

Some of the most common ways to cause damage to houseplants include over watering, exposure to heat, low light conditions, low humidity, pest problems, salt build-up, and exposure to drafts. There could be several more reasons, however the above are the most important things to consider when you plan for Chatswood indoor plant hire.

Over watering can lead to root rot and hence best avoided. There are plants which can thrive well under low light conditions however for the vast majority, insufficient light will make it look pale. Exposure to heat can speed up dehydration for the plant. Spider mites, aphids etc. can cause damage to the plant’s growth and hence Chatswood indoor plant hire recommends not to ignore pest problems.

Sydney indoor plant hire – Cold resistant houseplants

For the winter months, Sydney indoor plant hire should mostly include cold resistant houseplants which have a better chance of survival for places which can get very cold. The houseplants mayn’t be able to handle extreme frost, however they can very well thrive and grow well in temperate conditions.

The Jade plant can tolerate temperatures above freezing which also helps the plant to flower. This plant can be grown as a bonsai and grown in pots. Begonia is very popular amongst Sydney indoor plant hire because it can thrive well under a wide range of temperature conditions. They can grow well either outdoors and indoors, while doing equally well when packed in a pot.

The English ivy always forms a part of Sydney indoor plant hire because it’s extremely hard to kill. It has pointy leaves with varying length and different varieties which also grows flowers.

Short term plant hire – Beautiful Ornamental houseplants

Ornamental houseplants are extremely popular for short term plant hire as they can improve the look of any venue effortlessly. They add beauty, grace and elegance to any space with their vibrant colours. They not only improve the decor of a venue but also gives a sense of well being and happiness.

The Gloxinia are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance making them ideal for short term plant hire. The flowers of Gloxinia varies in colours of deep red, crimson, violet, white or a mix of white and pink. Cape Primrose grows well in bright light and requires minimal care. There are different hybrid varieties of this plant making it ideal for short term plant hire.

The Scarlet Star which is a bromeliad is an easy to grow ornamental houseplant which can be grown outdoors as well. The leaves of this beautiful plant are long, deep green and leathery. The Jungle Geranium has flowers bunched together with shiny oblong leaves arranged in pairs

Plant Hire Services – Care and Maintenance of Peace Lilies

The Peace Lily is often considered as one of the easiest houseplants to grow. It can grow well under low light conditions and does a great job in purifying the air quality and getting rid of toxic gases like benzene and formaldehyde. Plant hire services are extremely important as they help in choosing the best plant species suited for your home and office.

Plant hire services also offers care and maintenance services for your houseplants so that they can live longer and offer their benefits for long. Peace lilies must always be placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. To keep your peace lilies safe from bug infestation, it is recommended to wipe the leaves with alcohol.

Plant hire services recommend checking the humidity levels as peace lilies need a humid environment to grow well. The soil must be moist and well watered so that the leaves of peace lily never droops.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Using Spider Plants as a ground cover

Spider plants can be a versatile candidate for Outdoor plant hire where one can use them in hanging basket indoors and also as a ground cover. The long, slender and trailing leaves of spider plant makes it look like green spiders. They grow very fast where the baby spider plants can be snipped off and grown as independent plants.

To make the most of outdoor plant hire, spider plants must be planted in soil that drains well. The ideal location in case of hot climate is to plant the spider plants in partial shade or filtered sunshine.

Spider plants can be used for outdoor plant hire because they are quite forgiving and made to survive varying amounts of available water. The thick roots of spider plants makes it sturdy and easy going. The spider plants can be fertilized during the spring and summer, however they can grow well without fertilizers as well.