Short term plant hire – Use of Biophilic design

Coined in the 60s to explain the importance of the natural world, short term plant hire can consider a biophilic design which features fresh air, greenery and natural light. More and more buildings are being constructed nowadays which in some way encompass and appreciate the love of nature.

Use of natural materials like wood and bamboo in its structure to design an office interior along with the use of short term plant hire allows the biophilic design to blend well into its surroundings. The whole idea of short term plant hire is to use nature to accentuate the interior design.

With toxic office environments, it is very important to invest in short term plant hire so that one can enjoy reduced stress levels, improved productivity, clean and fresh air along with a beautiful green interior. The biophilic design can have a dramatic effect on our working life because of the health benefits associated with short term plant hire.

Outdoor Plant Hire – Green and Healthy Living

Taking care and maintenance of plants at home or office can be extremely challenging, however the good news is that there are several companies which provide high quality outdoor plant hire services. Depending on your personal choice and budget, you can choose from the exhaustive list of options.

For office with low light conditions, outdoor plant hire companies generally recommend plants which can survive with minimal light. For business conferences and seminars, outdoor plant hire can provide beautiful floral displays, outdoor plants and beautiful pots to add a theme and character to the occasion.

Outdoor plant hire offers a wide array of choices which include ferns, grass bowls, ficus, canes and many more. The design, shape and colour of the container easily complements the décor and venue. Depending on the décor, outdoor plant hire companies recommend the best plants which suits your budget, requirements and décor.

Plant hire services – Different Services

Plant hire services include a wide range of offerings that include short term plant hire, long term plant hire, custom planter design and consulting services. Indoor plant hire services ensure that one can enjoy the associated benefits which include improved office productivity, reduced stress levels, a green ambience, and fresh air for a healthier environment.

Plant hire services can supply healthy plants in beautiful pots, living walls or, custom designed plantscapes for your office or, residential setting. The various services offered by some of the leading companies offering plant hire services include –

With the use of technology and experience, plant hire services offer an interior design using beautiful plants and pots for your office. The team of experienced professionals offer selection of plants according to the office environment, complete installation and maintenance services as well. There are strict quality control measures because plant hire services are subjected to stringent standards of quality. Depending on the light, air and water conditions of your office, plant hire services can make intelligent recommendations of plants which can survive the conditions available.


Office Plants – Care and Maintenance during winter

During the winter months, it becomes more challenging to provide care and maintenance to office plants. However there are certain easy tips to ensure the best care and maintenance for your office plants during winter. Ensure that your office plants get enough light for which you may need to move the plants near to windows.

During the winter, office plants don’t get enough water which can dry them out. It’s always recommended to ensure that water runs right through the soil and out the bottom for best growing conditions. Depending on the type of plant, one may need to consider pruning and repotting of office plants to ensure they grow well during the winter.

During the winter months lack of sunlight, increased humidity and increased heat from the heaters can lead to pests. It is important to be watchful so that you can take necessary steps to eliminate pests from your office plants and keep them healthy.