5 Indoor Plant Trends For 2021

The evolution of indoor gardens is propelling the industry into a new era. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and intelligent systems are taking over every area of human life to an unimaginable degree.

The same change can be seen in home environments too. More people are opting for modern decorations that emphasize functionality, simplicity, and minimalism rather than high-risk, high-maintenance plants that can be messy, dirty, or even hazardous to keep. The global indoor plant market is expected to grow to $6.69 billion by 2021 (Global Market Insights). Here are five predicted indoor plant trends for 2021.

1. Customizable Botanical Experiences

Customers will be offered the chance to create their own indoor botanical experience by choosing which plant types, colors, shapes, and scents they like. Homeowners can handpick which elements of nature they’d like to include in their home environment to create a customized feel that suits their personality.

The ever-popular ‘wall garden’ trend has also helped to popularize the idea of customizable botanical experiences. These vertical gardens are made up of many different plant species, creating a stunning focal point that is sure to impress visitors. They offer the ultimate in customization since homeowners can choose which plants will occupy their wall space, what size they’ll be, and even have room for themselves on the wall!

2. Growing Greener With Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over the world – and indoor gardens are no exception. Connecting objects to a network to make them smarter, more precise, and more powerful is a trend that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The IoT has already been used in a number of different indoor gardening systems.

For example, the cropbox is a flower box that grows plants at home using automated techniques and artificial intelligence. It has an R&D team that works with data every step of the way to improve crop yield and quality by providing customers with information on soil conditions and plant needs.

3. New Scented Experiences

The scent is an important part of the human experience. Our sense of smell gives us critical information about our environment and can even affect certain memories, moods, and behaviors.

Starting in 2021, indoor plant experiences will become more multisensory. People are beginning to realize the potential of scent as a powerful mood-altering mechanism – and businesses are starting to listen. A new generation of scented home decor is taking off thanks to unique plant combinations that give off different smells. For example, the combination of lavender and mint can give off a rejuvenating, calming scent that’s great for the home environment.

4. Localized Gratification = Instant Rewards

The idea of instant gratification is taking over the modern world. For example, instead of saving up money to buy something big like a new house or car, people are increasingly interested in smaller payoffs frequently throughout their lives.

This mindset has carried over into the plant world, where people are demanding unique indoor botanicals that can give them instant gratification in exchange for an initial financial or time investment. People want to see beautiful, healthy plants flourish right before their eyes without needing much help from them.

5. The Rise of Hyper-Localized Environments

Since people place so much emphasis on customization, it’s no surprise that they’d also like to customize the type of environment they’re living in. This means that businesses are starting to source products that can offer more localized environments based on certain conditions or needs. To meet this demand, companies will focus on creating genera-specific experiences that can bring people closer to nature.

For example, hyper-localized indoor environments will be able to represent certain geographical locations thanks to plant species native to those regions. This helps homeowners feel more connected to their surroundings and provides an authentic botanical experience that they won’t find elsewhere.

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