Architectural Wedge – Beautiful Wedge Planters

Architectural wedge designed planters are the most popular since they look similar to ceramic planters albeit lighter and avoids the risk of breaking. Since the architectural wedge designed planters are lightweight, they are easier to move around without compromising on style and aesthetics.

Available in various styles and sizes, the architectural wedge designed planters are available in black, white, silver, black pearl and charcoal. In order to complete the design, one can also make use of wedge shaped troughs which combines well with Architectural wedge shaped planters.

A well planned and designed combination of different wedge sizes and shapes would certainly enhance the interior of any commercial or, residential space. The elevated bed which is approximately 18” deep at the centre for large plants and shallower at the edges for smaller plants is extremely important for the growth of indoor plants. The indigenous design of the Architectural wedge also ensures easy assembly and wheelchair accessibility.

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