Architectural Wedge Sydney – Working with Elevated Beds

The elevated design of Architectural wedge Sydney ensures a productive and abundant garden. One can make the most of their elevated raised bed designed in an Architectural Wedge Sydney. One must pick a sunny site for their architectural wedge Sydney since plants rely on light for their growth.

Also, the Architectural Wedge Sydney must be designed such that the plants have an easy access to water. Since the elevated beds are compact, one must only choose varieties which are known for their compact habit. The timing is important and one must wait till the danger of frost has passed before planting beautiful houseplants. It is also recommended to check the moisture levels and ensure to keep the soil moist but never water logged.

To maximise the available space with Architectural Wedge Sydney, one can make use of compact trellises and also add frames which provides support for frost and pest protection. The soil can be easily recharged with concentrated compost and fertiliser

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