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The Benefits of Indoor Plants in your home environment

If you live in a major city like Sydney or Melbourne, the likelihood exists that you might have entered several offices and commercial buildings. The most recently constructed buildings do not focus on providing functional properties only – as the older buildings did. They place a lot of importance on the aesthetics and décor of the interiors. For years, people have used paintings and other works of art to embellish their houses and offices. In recent times however, people have begun appreciating the wonders of nature. Therefore, you will find many houses and apartments in the major cities of Australia, filled with an assortment of indoor plants like hedge plants.

In fact, this trend probably began with commercial establishments. Researches have shown that having plants indoors can reduce noise levels and boost the efficiencies of workers. In addition, these plants can also enhance the wellbeing of workers, by their mere presence. Indoor plants purify the air in the interiors of a house or an office. They reduce various harmful indoor air pollutants like:

Xylene and,
Carbon dioxide

Indoor plants increase the humidity levels indoors. They also reduce the airborne microbes usually found inside homes and offices. As a result, many offices and homes in Sydney use a variety of indoor plants to beautify their interiors – in addition to making them healthier.

Golden Cane Palm – Fabulous Palms with an Exotic charm

Palms have the ability to leave you in wonder with their varied textures, sizes, colours, heights etc. To experience the joy of palms, one doesn’t really need to live in the tropics. The Golden Cane Palm which is also known as Dypsis lutescens is perfect for bringing a tropical ambience into your garden or home.
The bright green stems and the dense foliage is perfect for providing a lush stylish look which is also great for screening. In case you are planning to have Golden cane palm indoors, it is recommended to have them in a large pot and placed in a well-lit location. However, if you are planning to have Golden cane Palm outdoors, you can position them in full or, partial shade and plant them in a well-drained soil.
The Golden cane palm has a slow and steady growth and is usually 3-5ft tall indoors and can even reach 8ft height. They are also known as one of the greatest air purifying plants one can imagine indoors. One only needs to repot them every 3-4 years as they can grow well in the same pot for a good amount of time.

Hire outside planters – Beauty of Outdoor Planters

A garden filled with greenery and beautiful décor brings pleasure to homeowners and it can be greatly appreciated with the use of hire outside planters. By using a few colourful hire outside planters one can easily spice up the landscape. Container gardening is considered as an easy way to add style and character to your garden.

The most important thing to consider while making use of hire outside planters is to determine the amount of light or shade the planters will receive. One needs to match the right outside planters with the right plant to achieve best results. While making use of hire outside planters it is also advised to create a winning colour palette by grouping plants in a colourful mix of outside planters.

In order to save money with hire outside planters one can add filler to the bottom of the planters. Use of filler would mean less need for potting soil and also light weighted outside planters. However, one needs to ensure that they don’t block any drainage holes while placing the fillers.

Buxus Microphylla – Making Gardens beautiful

The versatile style of Buxus Microphylla makes it ideal for both residential and commercial settings. The strong shape and rich green color dominates the garden thereby making it the center piece. During summer when Buxus Microphylla is in full bloom, it provides a beautiful structure along with the background of your garden.

There are different varieties of boxwood plants which varies tremendously in terms of size, shape and hardiness. With the best selection of growing conditions, one can really enjoy having Buxus Microphylla in their garden. Since the Buxus Microphylla takes well to shearing, they are ideal for different spaces in the garden.

Topiary farms are heavily dependent on varieties which can include swooping spiral or, tiered ball topiary forms. A fast draining planter must be used for Buxus Microphylla which must match with the dimensions of the plant. By providing those with excellent drainage and keeping it clean, one can ensure easy maintenance of Buxus Microphylla.

Architectural Wedge Sydney – Working with Elevated Beds

The elevated design of Architectural wedge Sydney ensures a productive and abundant garden. One can make the most of their elevated raised bed designed in an Architectural Wedge Sydney. One must pick a sunny site for their architectural wedge Sydney since plants rely on light for their growth.

Also, the Architectural Wedge Sydney must be designed such that the plants have an easy access to water. Since the elevated beds are compact, one must only choose varieties which are known for their compact habit. The timing is important and one must wait till the danger of frost has passed before planting beautiful houseplants. It is also recommended to check the moisture levels and ensure to keep the soil moist but never water logged.

To maximise the available space with Architectural Wedge Sydney, one can make use of compact trellises and also add frames which provides support for frost and pest protection. The soil can be easily recharged with concentrated compost and fertiliser

Office Plants – Reduced Stress and Improved Productivity

Stress and reduced productivity due to an unhealthy office environment is very common. Office plants can help big time by purifying the indoor air and offer several health benefits along with improved aesthetics, higher productivity and reduced stress. Many studies have found that office plants can significantly reduce stress and improve productivity.

The rule of thumb while choosing office plants is to select a species which can thrive well in low light conditions along with the need for minimal care and maintenance. Office plants are excellent air purifiers which can ensure that the employees stay focused and healthy.  The Peace lily is a low maintenance plant which features bright white flowers.

Other Office plants which are very popular includes the Snake plant, Neon Pothos and Aglaomemq which require minimal lighting, care and maintenance. There are several benefits associated with the use of office plants which can all be explorienced

Plant Rental – The Right Care and Maintenance

For a fully-fledged business, the next goal is to enhance the way in which the efficiency of the company can grow. The best option to achieve higher productivity is through professional plant rental of decorative plants. Plant rental companies have been catering to the needs of many companies over the years.

With a professional team and the right tools under their command, the plant rental company can ensure highly effective indoor plant rentals. The staff can offer regular care and maintenance which ensures that the indoor plants get the best environment to grow. There are various benefits associated with plant rental apart from aesthetics.
Always look for a plant rental company which can provide their services in your vicinity. It is also recommended to check for the quality, price, experience and reputation of the plant rental company before doing any business with them. They all help you in making an informed decision based on your personal preferences and budget.

Architectural Wedge – Beautiful Wedge Planters

Architectural wedge designed planters are the most popular since they look similar to ceramic planters albeit lighter and avoids the risk of breaking. Since the architectural wedge designed planters are lightweight, they are easier to move around without compromising on style and aesthetics.

Available in various styles and sizes, the architectural wedge designed planters are available in black, white, silver, black pearl and charcoal. In order to complete the design, one can also make use of wedge shaped troughs which combines well with Architectural wedge shaped planters.

A well planned and designed combination of different wedge sizes and shapes would certainly enhance the interior of any commercial or, residential space. The elevated bed which is approximately 18” deep at the centre for large plants and shallower at the edges for smaller plants is extremely important for the growth of indoor plants. The indigenous design of the Architectural wedge also ensures easy assembly and wheelchair accessibility.

Plant Rental – Easy & Hassle Free Maintenance

Plant rental companies offer hiring services which also includes an easy and hassle free maintenance. Since they come with an experience and expertise in plant care and maintenance, they ensure that the indoor plants stay healthy and beautiful. There are different packages available for plant rental based on your commercial needs, budget and available space.

There are plant rental options where maintenance of existing plants is offered, or, rental and maintenance of plants and planters or, purchase and maintenance of plants and planters. The design consultants reach out to discuss requirements and also offer the most suitable option based on your requirement.

During plant rental, one can either choose between standard ready-made planters or, spend more and enjoy bespoke planters which are designed to suit your office decor. In the maintenance program, foliage cleaning, pruning, shaping the leaves and planter cleaning is included. During the plant rental period, in case the plant dies or, doesn’t grow properly, then an appropriate replacement is offered promptly by the plant rental company.

Lady Palm – Detoxify the Air

The broadleaf Lady Palm is an extremely popular plant species which looks beautiful in offices, hotels, living rooms etc. These are perfect for indoor growing and the Lady Palm has been extremely effective in detoxifying indoor air. Also, widely known as one of the easiest houseplants to grow in the world, the Lady Palm has been growing as a houseplant for over 500 years now.

The Lady palm grows as multiple shoots from the soil where each is topped with their own palm frond. The indoor growth rate is around 8-12 inches a year. However, once each frond ages, the Lady palm increases in size and gains additional leaves. The Lady Palm is hardy in nature and easily adapts to diverse climatic conditions.  They help in removing formaldehyde and ammonia from the atmosphere, thereby ensuring a healthy and fresh indoor environment. The Lady palm is a shade loving plant and needs partial shade for its growth.