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Office Plants – Reduced Stress and Improved Productivity

Stress and reduced productivity due to an unhealthy office environment is very common. Office plants can help big time by purifying the indoor air and offer several health benefits along with improved aesthetics, higher productivity and reduced stress. Many studies have found that office plants can significantly reduce stress and improve productivity.

The rule of thumb while choosing office plants is to select a species which can thrive well in low light conditions along with the need for minimal care and maintenance. Office plants are excellent air purifiers which can ensure that the employees stay focused and healthy.  The Peace lily is a low maintenance plant which features bright white flowers.

Other Office plants which are very popular includes the Snake plant, Neon Pothos and Aglaomemq which require minimal lighting, care and maintenance. There are several benefits associated with the use of office plants which can all be explorienced

Plant Rental – The Right Care and Maintenance

For a fully-fledged business, the next goal is to enhance the way in which the efficiency of the company can grow. The best option to achieve higher productivity is through professional plant rental of decorative plants. Plant rental companies have been catering to the needs of many companies over the years.

With a professional team and the right tools under their command, the plant rental company can ensure highly effective indoor plant rentals. The staff can offer regular care and maintenance which ensures that the indoor plants get the best environment to grow. There are various benefits associated with plant rental apart from aesthetics.
Always look for a plant rental company which can provide their services in your vicinity. It is also recommended to check for the quality, price, experience and reputation of the plant rental company before doing any business with them. They all help you in making an informed decision based on your personal preferences and budget.

Architectural Wedge – Beautiful Wedge Planters

Architectural wedge designed planters are the most popular since they look similar to ceramic planters albeit lighter and avoids the risk of breaking. Since the architectural wedge designed planters are lightweight, they are easier to move around without compromising on style and aesthetics.

Available in various styles and sizes, the architectural wedge designed planters are available in black, white, silver, black pearl and charcoal. In order to complete the design, one can also make use of wedge shaped troughs which combines well with Architectural wedge shaped planters.

A well planned and designed combination of different wedge sizes and shapes would certainly enhance the interior of any commercial or, residential space. The elevated bed which is approximately 18” deep at the centre for large plants and shallower at the edges for smaller plants is extremely important for the growth of indoor plants. The indigenous design of the Architectural wedge also ensures easy assembly and wheelchair accessibility.

Plant Rental – Easy & Hassle Free Maintenance

Plant rental companies offer hiring services which also includes an easy and hassle free maintenance. Since they come with an experience and expertise in plant care and maintenance, they ensure that the indoor plants stay healthy and beautiful. There are different packages available for plant rental based on your commercial needs, budget and available space.

There are plant rental options where maintenance of existing plants is offered, or, rental and maintenance of plants and planters or, purchase and maintenance of plants and planters. The design consultants reach out to discuss requirements and also offer the most suitable option based on your requirement.

During plant rental, one can either choose between standard ready-made planters or, spend more and enjoy bespoke planters which are designed to suit your office decor. In the maintenance program, foliage cleaning, pruning, shaping the leaves and planter cleaning is included. During the plant rental period, in case the plant dies or, doesn’t grow properly, then an appropriate replacement is offered promptly by the plant rental company.

Lady Palm – Detoxify the Air

The broadleaf Lady Palm is an extremely popular plant species which looks beautiful in offices, hotels, living rooms etc. These are perfect for indoor growing and the Lady Palm has been extremely effective in detoxifying indoor air. Also, widely known as one of the easiest houseplants to grow in the world, the Lady Palm has been growing as a houseplant for over 500 years now.

The Lady palm grows as multiple shoots from the soil where each is topped with their own palm frond. The indoor growth rate is around 8-12 inches a year. However, once each frond ages, the Lady palm increases in size and gains additional leaves. The Lady Palm is hardy in nature and easily adapts to diverse climatic conditions.  They help in removing formaldehyde and ammonia from the atmosphere, thereby ensuring a healthy and fresh indoor environment. The Lady palm is a shade loving plant and needs partial shade for its growth.

Indoor Plants Sydney – Various Different Categories

Indoor plants Sydney in any shape, size, design and colour would always offer an aesthetic beauty and associated health benefits. However, it is important to choose the right indoor plant depending on your requirement, available space, environmental conditions and budget. There are various different categories of Indoor plants Sydney which includes Common House plants, Flowering plants, Easy & Low light plants, Foliage plants, Cactus plants, Indoor palms, Hanging basket plants, Trailing plants, Bulbous plants, Unusual houseplants, Christmas plants, Office plants, succulent and fern type plants. There could be several more categories depending on the benefits they offer or, type of care and maintenance they demand. Since Indoor plants Sydney have choices in abundance, it may be tricky to choose the best indoor plants Sydney for your interior and decor. To help, there are professional plant design consultants who can make the best assessment of the available conditions and recommend the best Indoor plants Sydney for you.

Hire Outside Planters – Modern & Elegant Planters

Modern white outside planters look stylish and elegant with their beautiful design and wide range. Hire Outside Planters to spice up your landscape with a beautiful mix of colourful planters. Planters are certainly the simplest way to enhance the aesthetics of any space with their colour and a bit of interest.

Hire outside planters from professional companies who will offer a wide range of design, colour and styles to choose from. Depending on the purpose of the planters one can choose appropriate outside planters. In case one needs to soften the edge of a deck or, dress up a railing, large pots of evergreens and shrubs can be used as a privacy screen.

On a large deck or patio, hire outside planters to define separate areas. One can define the sitting and eating areas with an informal line of outside planters. One can also create a focal point with a beautiful large planter.

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Hedge Plants – Selection and Cultivation

Fast growing hedge plants are always in demand since they can be easily used for Shade, Privacy, Peaceful surrounding and hiding eyesores. There are excellent options for hedge plants which can suit ant space. The hedge plants can be pruned to remain tight and kept at any desired height. Hedge plants aren’t just foliage they offer enough interest provided by berries, stems and flowers.

Hedge plants usually will cost less than the installation of a fence. They also create valuable microclimates in gardens by filtering wind and helping to shelter tender plants. Dense, mature hedges are known to reduce the impact of noise whereas healthy and neatly trimmed hedge plants will improve the kerb appeal and value.

The best time to plant hedge plants is certainly early autumn, however one can also plant them in late autumn or, winter. One can choose between evergreen or deciduous hedge plants when the soil is workable i.e. neither waterlogged or frozen.

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Golden Cane Palm – Popular Drought Hardy Plant

The Golden Cane Palm is a beautiful palm with slender graceful yellowish stems which can grow up to 8m and the foliage nearly to the base. The plant usually prefers humidity with fresh air circulation. The Golden Cane Palm requires a uniformly moist soil and it must never me overwatered.

The Golden Cane Palm is known for its lush and bright green foliage which forms an attractive clump. For pruning, one can remove dead fronds and in lower light positions, the foliage may need to be thinned out to maintain the overall growth of the plant.

The Golden Cane Palm is known to be slow growing where it only adds about 12 inches to its height throughout the growing season. They can be grown in a row to form screens of privacy or, even grown indoors in a pot. The canopy width can reach 20 feet but even then the long narrow trunk will support the upper canopy of fronds.

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Buxus Microphylla – Evergreen shrub used for Hedging

There are several different varieties of Buxus to suit your planting preferences. They are perfect for evergreen hedging, topiary, borders and general garden planting. The Buxus Microphylla looks excellent with pots and containers. Most variants of Buxus can easily tolerate a wide range of soil and conditions.

The Buxus Microphylla is best grown in well drained loams in either full sun or, part shade. The plant has leathery foliage which changes to yellow-green or brownish during fall and winter. Used in landscape design as low hedge plants, foundation plants or, mass plantings.

It can grow 1-5 metres tall with the bole up to 15 cm in diameter. Although smaller in size, the wood is sometimes used for carving, engraving etc. The plant is mostly grown as an ornamental which can be also used as a hedge. They are known to grow slowly and very tolerant to pruning.

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