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Hedge Plants – Beautiful and Useful Garden Additions

Hedge plants are a very common sighting in the Australian garden. They are loved by many for their versatility, visual appeal, and surprisingly wide range of uses. Outdoor plants hire services that can provide a plethora of beautiful hedges that are sure to fit nicely with any garden or yard. As late winter and spring are the best times to grow hedge plants, now is a great time to start your brand new hedge or enlist the services of an outdoor plants hire company. They will grow quickly and easily, especially with good care.

So why do Australians love their hedges so much? They are a wonderful border to a garden or yard décor, enclosing the area of partitioning sections, perhaps for different activities. The other benefit of forming a barrier is to provide some privacy to people in the yard; hedge plants let you do this without an intrusive or unsightly wall or fence to contrast your garden. Most species of hedge can be pruned and trained into a variety of shapes to fit your garden area and desired height. Lastly, a thick hedge can form a windbreak or a sound barrier for those in noisy neighborhoods, outdoor plants hire specialists can help you decide on the best type for this purpose.

Plants used as hedge plants can be very different, but they are most often very durable and easily grown to best fill the area without forming gaps over time. Hedges can be made to look formal, with small tight leaf arrangements, or informal with loose leaves or even flowering buds. The choice is based on the style of the garden and personal preference. Some of the best hedges available from outdoor plants hire companies to include Buxus species (commonly known as ‘box’), Lilly Pilly, and Viburnum.

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Choosing Office Plants to Enhance a Space

Home and office plants are a great way to add some visual variety to a room and can even improve the health and happiness of its occupants. Choosing the right plants for the right space can amplify these benefits. Different plants will require their own set of conditions to grow and thrive. Typically, services offering hire plants in Sydney recommend you select a plant that will thrive in your available space for the best results.

Office plants vary based on their required light level, with low light plants being able to survive with minimal natural sunlight and high light plants needing frequent exposure. For some spaces, it may not be possible to have high light plants such as rooms with few windows, windows facing to the north, or those where other structures obscure light. There is a range of species on offer as hire plants in Sydney, so one is sure to fit your lighting situation. Some popular office plants in each light category include:

  • Low Light – these are typically plants that occur naturally on the forest floor, where light is low.
    • Devil’s Ivy
    • Lady Palm
    • Peace Lily
  • Medium Light – very adaptable plants that are best near windows as office plants, but with indirect sun exposure.
    • Bamboo Palm
    • Umbrella Trees
  • High Light – these office plants require direct and frequent light to thrive.
    • Golden Cane palm
    • Ficus sabre
    • Many cacti

For any plant it is important to ensure they have adequate space, do not squeeze your office plants between furniture and other objects. You also need to make sure there is enough airflow and moisture on the plant. Avoid placing them near heaters or air conditioners as these tend to lower humidity, many tropical varieties cannot handle this and need to be regularly misted. Lease-a-Leaf offers a wide range of hire plants in Sydney; their team can assess a space to recommend the best plant for your needs. Contact us for more information.

Caring for Sydney Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have many benefits to people, and capitalizing on these through indoor plant hire can be a major improvement to your home or office. Having plants has been proven to have a positive impact on health and mood. The benefits of Sydney indoor plants include fighting mold, removing pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, adding mentally refreshing fragrances, and dampening noise pollution. There are many options for Sydney indoor plants as the climate can support many species. Some have minimal maintenance requirements, but there are still some important considerations for all indoor plant hire to sustain quality plants:


Indoor plants should be watered when they are dry, not in a regular routine. Check the soil moisture by placing a finger about 5cm deep into the soil. Only water when the soil is dry or you risk drowning the plant. To water, pour directly onto soil (not the leaves) until water leaves the bottom of the pot, after some time, remove the excess water from the saucer or base.

Plants also like having moisture in the air, for Sydney indoor plants, keeping their leaves moist with a spray bottle is needed in the less humid times of the year, especially around August and September.


It is important to ensure that the plant is in the right position for its type. Most indoor plants do not like being exposed to direct sunlight and some low light plants need complete shade to thrive. The majority of indoor plant hire plants prefer partial shade with ample ambient light. The position of a plant may also need to be adjusted seasonally as the location of the sun changes.

When using indoor plant hire services, most of the major plant maintenance tasks such as pruning, repotting and replacement will not need to be done. However, small maintenance tasks will allow Sydney indoor plants to thrive. For more information, contact Lease-a-Leaf today!

Office Plants for Hay Fever Sufferers

With spring just around the corner, for many people, this means the return of hay fever. Allergic rhinitis (or hay fever) is an allergic response to pollen from plants causing itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose. For this reason, many people with hay fever avoid office plants, especially in spring when pollen is most potent. Plant rental is a good option for hay fever sufferers with many hypoallergenic alternatives available to retain the mental and physical health benefits of office plants without the associated symptoms. Some of the best non-allergenic plants include:

Lady Palm

  • A low light plant with stems resembling bamboo shoots and deep green leaves shaped like fans.
  • A great air purifier and incredibly resilient to both climate and pests, making them great office plants.

Golden Cane Palm

  • A medium-light flowering plant with yellow/green leaves that is a very effective natural air humidifier.


  • Another group of low light office plants which require minimal maintenance to keep healthy, they also are known to trap pollen and allergens within their leaves.

Peace Lily

  • A very easy to maintain and resilient low light plant which produces a nice white flower in the summer.
  • They should be kept away from pets and small children as chemicals on their leaves can cause stomach or respiratory irritation when large amounts are ingested.

Lease a Leaf is Sydney’s leading plant rental specialist, stocking many office plants ideal for hay fever sufferers such as the Lady Palm. Lease a Leaf will install and maintain your plants providing the highest quality care, enquire today to learn more!

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been shown to have a large positive effect on both physical and mental health. Exposure to plants has been proven to increase the diversity of the human microbiota, the variety of bacteria and fungi in our bodies, which assists the body in fighting inflammation. Another benefit of indoor plants is that they can remove some harmful chemicals from the air, reducing the resulting illnesses. Indoor plants can also dampen reflecting sounds to mitigate annoyance and possible ear damage in the long term. These health benefits have led to the popularity of indoor plant hire.

In addition to their health benefits, low light indoor plants are great for office spaces with minimal sunlight and vastly improve the aesthetic of a room. This leads to greater worker engagement and has been proven to improve job satisfaction and reduce stress levels. Most low light indoor plants are very easily maintained, requiring only correct watering and some exposure to light. These plants should be watered until water leaves the drainage holes each time they become dry.

Lease-A-Leaf has a wide range of indoor plant hire options for your office across low, medium, and high light levels, find out more about our indoor plant hire today!

Benefits of diffused lights for office plants?

Diffused light is beneficial for small indoor plants (commonly hired) for various reasons. Diffused light is light that is scattered by particles; this is found in clouds, whitewash, and types of shade. Unfortunately, in an office environment, this can be impossible so office plants are not exposed to this quality light that can encourage effective growth.

 The reason that diffused light can encourage growth is due to its ability to distribute light evenly, rather than plants only being exposed to hotspots or covered by areas of shade. This distribution of light allows for deeper penetration into the plant and results in photosynthesis to activate in more areas of the plant. The outcome of this is an improved crop yield, higher leaf count, shorter crop time, and a lower crop temperature. Indoor plants that are hired are sometimes grown in greenhouses where diffused light is used to provide its customers with an elite office plant that is sure to impress whoever steps foot into the office. This is why hiring indoor plants is favorable for many as it ensures that the plant has been grown with care providing the quality that is necessary without the customer having to lift a finger.

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Easiest Indoor Plants to Maintain

ABC have listed their list of the 12 easiest plants to maintain, this list may prove useful for anybody looking into hire plants and indoor hire plant hire. These plants make for great desk or shelf pieces for an office to liven the mood and freshen up the air with little to no maintenance.

Zanzibar Gem

The zamioculcas zamiifolia is a dark-leaved gem that does well in bright light but not intense sunlight. What makes this plant easy to maintain is its thick and fleshy roots that are greatly capable of storing water.

Cast Iron Plant

Naturally, these plants grow in the shade of other plants so sunlight is not an absolute priority for them. Additionally, a factor that makes these plants easy to maintain and an ideal indoor hire plant is their ability to cope with a wide temperature range. Additionally, they have an underground stem that stores food and water further enabling their ability to withstand neglect.

Peace Lily

This resilient plant is an office plant favorite and for that reason a popular choice when it comes to indoor plant hire. It can withstand air conditioning, heating, low light, and neglect making it seem like more of a display piece than a plant.

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Sydney Indoor plants – Popular choices!

Bringing an office to life through a desk plant is highly recommended to increase productivity, mood, purify the air, and add color to a possibly dull office environment. Sydney Indoor Plants hire services – Lease a Leaf are here to provide offices with these benefits through a quality service that puts the customer first. There are many choices of Indoor plants available for your Sydney office and choosing a set can be difficult. Here are a few of the most popular office plant choices.

Devils Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

This plant is a climber that is low maintenance and capable of growing in low light making it a great plant for the office placed on top of a shelf. Some pruning will have to be done to avoid overgrowth.

Peace lily

One of the most popular Indoor plants for a Sydney office , this plant thrives in bright indoor light and is relatively easy to maintain, just water when dry and remove spent flower.

Lady Palm

Sydney indoor plants take it to the next level with the Lady Palm. They are large pot plants that require regular watering but make a statement in the corner of any office.

Sydney Indoor Plants to hire for your working at home office

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many workers have been forced to work at home. Adapting to a working from home environment can become difficult especially for workers who have never experienced it before. It may take you back to feelings of a university student, being vulnerable to distractions and procrastination. To avoid these distractions it is important to tidy up your working area and set up a working from home office. Once cleaning up the area you will notice areas of space that may feel empty, a great way to fill in this space is to adopt into plants to hire from a Sydney indoor plant hire service,

Researchers in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands found in 2014 that office plants, whether they are acquired through a plants to hire service or not increase workplace satisfaction in employees, increases concentration quality and improves on office air quality. This research was conducted in three offices over several months. The good thing about working from home is that you have privacy and free will to choose however you want to style and use your office space. Just one or two plants to hire can significantly change your working attitude, increase comfort. Plants are able to have this effect on humans through triggering different responses in the human brain relating to urban environments that give a sense of being away and tranquility.

 So invest in plants to hire from a Sydney indoor plant hire service today to create the perfect environment to work from home! Enquire on

Tips to keep your office plants healthy and fresh!

Many people believe that all office plants are low maintenance and will be perfectly fine unattended functioning as a paperweight all day. These people fail to realize that every office plant is different and the level of attention they require varies depending on the species of plant. Office plants are still plants and basic maintenance can improve the health of these plants and the vibe of your office. Caring for plants is a therapeutic routine that will leave you with a rewarding feeling if done correctly. To ensure that you are making the most of your hire plants follow the simple steps below.


Obviously watering is essential when it comes to plant maintenance and is something that is absolutely necessary even when it comes to short term plant hire as improper or the lack of watering quickly becomes obvious. Improper watering occurs when a carer either waters the plant too much or not enough.

  • Plants need to be watered slowly.
  • Water the office plant till water makes its way through the drainage holes
  • Never water when the soil is still damp from previous watering.
  • Never let the plant sit in water (never leave water in the saucer)


Making sure your plant gets sufficient lighting is a simple task. The best way to give your plant adequate lighting is to place it near a window. However, it is advised to move your plant away when intense sunlight is hitting the window as this could potential scorch the plant (unless the plant is a type of cactus).

Extra tips

  • Keep plants away from air conditioning and drafty windows
  • Have a backup plan for the maintenance of your office plant when you are away from the office.
  • If ur plant is not acquired through short term plant hire you will eventually need to fertilize your plant. It is best to fertilize every other month during spring and summer. Enquire online to find the best fertilizer for your species of plant.