Benefits of a Green Interior

Go Green Initiative in a workplace offers more than the aesthetic value addition. In fact, research reports have shown that a green Interior helps in reducing stress, motivates employees, results in exponential growth, increased productivity and improves the air quality which ensures better health for the employees. Plant Hire Services help in creating an environment which projects the business establishment as trustworthy, warm and welcoming, caring and healthier, thereby conveying a positive image in front of clients and employees.

While many business houses consider Plant Hire as a cost overload, the reality is that Interior plants lower O & M (Operations and Maintenance) cost and increase productivity by around 12%.

There are numerous benefits associated with a Green Interior. A few of them are listed below:

Improves Air Quality

A green Interior helps in cleaning the air and creating a healthier workplace environment by reduction of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), Nitrogen and sulphur oxides etc.

Reduces Sick Building Syndrome

Higher concentration of toxic chemicals in sealed energy efficient buildings causes Sick Building syndrome. Plant Hire services helps in reducing cases of fatigue, headache, coughing and dry skin by providing a clean and fresh workplace.

Reduces distraction due to Office Noise

Studies have proved that a strategically placed plant reduces noise by 5 decibels. Sound absorption improves productivity as the employees don’t get distracted in office.

Attracts and Retains Employees

A beautiful decor and ambiance of the building motivates the employees, thereby retaining the best talent.

In short, Plant Hire Services creates a green interior which promotes the green building movement and makes your business greener, healthier and more productive.