Buxus Microphylla

Buxus Microphylla is commonly known as Japanese Boxwood, Little Leaf Boxwood and Kingsville Dwarf Boxwood etc. This species of evergreen shrub with bright green leaves is a native to Japan and Taiwan.  The boxwood is one of the best and most popular hedge plants because it is evergreen with star like flowers and best for small hedges. Moreover, it grows perfectly in partial shade.

Landscape Uses

  • It exhibits good resistance to animals like deer.
  • Used as a low hedge plant
  • Used for mass plantings
  • Used as a foundation plant



  • The shrub prefers moist soil with mulch around its roots
  • Tolerant of pruning
  • Can grow under full sun or partial shade without issues
  • Grows slowly
  • Needs regular watering, daily during summer and less during winter
  • It can be easily propagated by root divisions, seeds and semi-hardwood cuttings

The Buxus Microphylla is an evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 1 m and a width of 1.5 m. Buxus Microphylla is susceptible to several fungal diseases which include root rot. It causes poor growth and results in pale coloured leaves and eventually the death of the plant.

The Buxus Microphylla can be left natural or be pruned in various shapes to complement any garden style. It should be re-potted every two or tree years. Most of the bonsai styles can be used to shape this tree. Lease-A-Leaf offers cost-effective and reliable customer service and guarantees top notch quality products.