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Plant hire services – Flowers that create a Spring like feel

With the flurry of snow and constant presence of rain during the winter, one can easily forget Spring. However, with plant hire services one can enjoy beautiful blooms throughout the workplace. Bright colours and lush greenery helps employee productivity and keeps them motivated.

Five plants provided by plant hire services which are guaranteed to bring a little sunshine to your office includes Daffodil, Tulip, Gerbera daisy, Magnolia and Sunflower. Daffodil is the quintessential springtime flower which can brighten any space with its distinctive shade of bright yellow. The uniquely shaped flowers of tulip comes in a wide range of vibrant shades ranging from mango yellow to hot pink.

Plant hire services offer Sunflower which just screams Spring time with its brilliant vibrant hue. The large, gradient petals and distinctive fragrance of magnolia can brighten any office all through the Spring.

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Express Plant Hire – Short Term Rental Is Better Than Buying

Plants have lot of benefits associated with them and the fact is well known. Express plant hire can help in enjoying the benefits of indoor plants for short term requirements like business events, meetings, seminars or, workshops. Express plant hire not only boosts employee morale and productivity but also helps in cleaning the air.

However, buying your own plants for short term need is not only expensive but also a hassle which one can clearly avoid. This is where Express plant hire comes handy and makes it a better alternative to buying plants.

Express plant hire allows one to enjoy customized services along with professional help. One can afford to display different plants for different events because the plant hire company would replace a plant which you don’t like anymore. The best part about express plant hire is that you don’t need to worry about the installation, maintenance and removal of plants thereby allowing you to focus on the corporate event.

Express plant hire – Use of coloured planters

With express plant hire, you can be sure that the interior landscape consultants are always keeping a close eye on the latest trends in interior design. It is important to be aware of the latest trends so that the same can be incorporated when planning for a planting scheme.

The plant containers play an important role with express plant hire because they need to complement the plant shape, size and colour for best results. Colour in different hues are being used for the planters which ranges from bold, bright colours to deep, softer and darker shades.

Express plant hire makes use of planters of various colours depending on the theme and setting. When chosen with thought, brightly coloured plant pots can make a bold statement and bring life to an interior space. Sky’s the limit when it comes to colourful pots because people these days don’t shy from experimenting new, exotic colours with express plant hire.

Express plant hire – Exquisite corporate flowers and houseplants

For corporate events and business conferences, express plant hire can provide beautiful, high quality corporate floral arrangements which can enhance your brand message and last a working week. Irrespective of whether you are planning to project a chic, contemporary, timeless and luxurious brand message, express plant hire can work with you to design exquisite corporate floral displays.

Because the corporate events happen across different venues, it is generally recommended to seek professional assistance and use express plant hire so that you don’t need to worry about the plant type, its care and maintenance and planters. The prices would vary depending on the size, shape and style.

Express plant hire companies do provide free site consultation and quotation so that the best ideas are shared on the table and then you may choose the one that best suits your choice, budget and decor. Office plants are a great way to transform your office space regardless of the size of business.

Hire Plants – How to choose the best Pots for your Plants?

There are many different varieties of pots to choose from, for your indoor plants. Whenever one decides to hire plants, an additional responsibility is to choose the most appropriate pot or container which can not only guarantee better life for the plant but also enhance the aesthetics of your decor. Round pot, square pot, ceramic pot or plastic pot–there are many types of pots an indoor gardener can use to house their plants. On the outset, it might look that the plant container doesn’t play any role, but on the contrary, it is important to choose a pot or container that is conducive to your plant’s needs.

  • There are several important criterion which decides the best pot suitable for the growth of your plant. Let’s discuss some of the factors which you should keep in mind when you hire plants. The Pot size: Pots that work best for indoor plants are large enough to handle the plant’s root system. Depending on the growth of the plant, you should take a call on the pot size. The thumb rule is to purchase a pot that is twice the size of the root ball of the plant.
  • Pot Material: Pots and plant containers come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Plastic pots are inexpensive and easy to obtain in a variety of sizes and colours. Whereas, the Clay or terra cotta pots are porous and will absorb water and allow oxygen to pass through, letting your plant’s roots breathe. Glazed ceramic or metal containers work well as indoor pots for plants.
  • Structure of the Pot: The structure of the pot you choose should depend on the plant type.
  • Drainage facilities: Plants need water, but too much water can cause additional problems. Investing in a pot with a proper drainage system will allow your plant to absorb the right amount of water without being soaked.

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Express Plant Rental – Short Term Plant Hire Services

Lease-A-Leaf provides an extensive range of greenery and foliage hire for events, exhibitions, film sets and shows nationwide, and we specialize in the design and installation of creative planting schemes. Delivery is usually within 24 hours, regardless of the size of your order. Express Plant Rental ensures that you can decorate your event quickly and the choice of plants is aimed to suit your special theme or activity. Continue reading Express Plant Rental – Short Term Plant Hire Services