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Sydney Indoor Plants to hire for your working at home office

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many workers have been forced to work at home. Adapting to a working from home environment can become difficult especially for workers who have never experienced it before. It may take you back to feelings of a university student, being vulnerable to distractions and procrastination. To avoid these distractions it is important to tidy up your working area and set up a working from home office. Once cleaning up the area you will notice areas of space that may feel empty, a great way to fill in this space is to adopt into plants to hire from a Sydney indoor plant hire service,

Researchers in Australia, the UK, and the Netherlands found in 2014 that office plants, whether they are acquired through a plants to hire service or not increase workplace satisfaction in employees, increases concentration quality and improves on office air quality. This research was conducted in three offices over several months. The good thing about working from home is that you have privacy and free will to choose however you want to style and use your office space. Just one or two plants to hire can significantly change your working attitude, increase comfort. Plants are able to have this effect on humans through triggering different responses in the human brain relating to urban environments that give a sense of being away and tranquility.

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Plant Hire Sydney – Auspicious Feng Shui Plants

Plant hire Sydney can help in contributing to positive feng shui in different ways. They have the potential to balance the water element, bring luck, purify the air and counteract negative energy. Using the right house plants as part of Plant hire Sydney can help in creating a positive atmosphere.

Lucky Bamboo is certainly one of the most popular Feng Shui indoor plant which can balance all the five elements. The number of stalks determines the aspect to which it brings luck. The tall, bonsai style tree with braided stem also called Money tree brings great luck when placed in the areas of money, health or fame.

The round leaves of the Jade plant symbolizes good fortune. Plant hire Sydney also recommends the jade plant to be placed in an office space to invite success and fortune. The other popular feng shui plants like Orchids, Philodendron, Peace Lily and Citrus trees are known to bring good fortune when placed in the right area.

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Plant hire services – Flowers that create a Spring like feel

With the flurry of snow and constant presence of rain during the winter, one can easily forget Spring. However, with plant hire services one can enjoy beautiful blooms throughout the workplace. Bright colours and lush greenery helps employee productivity and keeps them motivated.

Five plants provided by plant hire services which are guaranteed to bring a little sunshine to your office includes Daffodil, Tulip, Gerbera daisy, Magnolia and Sunflower. Daffodil is the quintessential springtime flower which can brighten any space with its distinctive shade of bright yellow. The uniquely shaped flowers of tulip comes in a wide range of vibrant shades ranging from mango yellow to hot pink.

Plant hire services offer Sunflower which just screams Spring time with its brilliant vibrant hue. The large, gradient petals and distinctive fragrance of magnolia can brighten any office all through the Spring.

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Short Term Plant Hire – For Beautiful Themed Displays

Short term plant hire is ideal for a wide range of personal or, business events. From business conferences and product promotions to private parties and weddings, short term plant hire provides a fillip to any interior or exterior space. Also, because you opt for a short term plant hire, you can request for bespoke designs tailored to suit your requirement or, theme.

Indoor plants used for short term plant hire can help in creating a unique style and define a space better. For product promotions, you would also need to boost your brand’s identity and this is where short term plant hire can come handy to create the best impression.

Depending on the theme that suits your requirement, short term plant hire  can be used to create either a tropical theme for the display or, maintain different colour schemes as per the need. Each plant is available in a wide range of containers  which further boosts the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Short Term Plant Hire – Reasons To Hire Plants For An Event

First impressions are extremely important in the business world which can help in attracting new customers, boost company reputation and build client loyalty. Entrepreneurs look to use Short term plant hire to accomplish their goals. One can rent attractive indoor plants for seminars, conferences and other corporate events.

With short term plant hire, you can make any space more attractive. Plants and flowers offer the easiest way to brighten any space. The eye catching colours and interesting textures along with a beautiful foliage offers an elegant feel to the corporate event.

Short term plant hire is generally recommended for corporate events so that one can avoid the hassle of maintenance and removal of plants. One can enjoy expert advice from professionals who can choose the best indoor plants for the event. The plants can be chosen such that they play an active role in promoting the brand, and create the best impression in front of potential clients and visitors.

Short term plant hire – Use of large metal planter

Short term plant hire is all about making a style statement and these days the pot is just as important as the plant. For big spaces like an open plan office, an exterior landscape, atrium, business conference halls etc. use of a large metal planter with short term plant hire ensures that your plants stand out and get observed.

The sleek look and stylish design of metal planters is perfect for a modern corporate setting with its glossy finish and solid presence. For short term plant hire, one can seriously consider using a metal planter which can be a real focal point.

Metal comes in various shades of grey and plant pots with softer tone and shape can be used in different settings with ease. Beautifully curved metal planters can be used with short term plant hire which acts as the best backdrop to a green foliage.

Short term plant hire – Use of Biophilic design

Coined in the 60s to explain the importance of the natural world, short term plant hire can consider a biophilic design which features fresh air, greenery and natural light. More and more buildings are being constructed nowadays which in some way encompass and appreciate the love of nature.

Use of natural materials like wood and bamboo in its structure to design an office interior along with the use of short term plant hire allows the biophilic design to blend well into its surroundings. The whole idea of short term plant hire is to use nature to accentuate the interior design.

With toxic office environments, it is very important to invest in short term plant hire so that one can enjoy reduced stress levels, improved productivity, clean and fresh air along with a beautiful green interior. The biophilic design can have a dramatic effect on our working life because of the health benefits associated with short term plant hire.

North Sydney plant hire – Beautiful flowers for the Summer

With the hot summer months setting in, it’s the best time to start thinking about plants for North Sydney plant hire. Beautiful flowers for summer will brighten your day and bloom with vibrant colours. The type of plants which don’t require much care, require minimal watering and can thrive well with different type of soil are the best choices for North Sydney plant hire.

Gloriosa Daisy has a bright yellow to orange petals with a black centre which can grow up to 3.5 ft tall. Dahlias are extremely popular for North Sydney plant hire during summer because they make beautiful symmetrical ball of brightly coloured petals and can be grown to different heights and sizes.

Marigolds are also favoured for North Sydney plant hire during Summer because they are easy to plant and maintain. They can be enjoyed all season long and available in different colours.

Express Plant Rental – Short Term Plant Hire Services

Lease-A-Leaf provides an extensive range of greenery and foliage hire for events, exhibitions, film sets and shows nationwide, and we specialize in the design and installation of creative planting schemes. Delivery is usually within 24 hours, regardless of the size of your order. Express Plant Rental ensures that you can decorate your event quickly and the choice of plants is aimed to suit your special theme or activity. Continue reading Express Plant Rental – Short Term Plant Hire Services