Chatswood indoor plant hire – Interesting and Peculiar Indoor Plants

Nature never fails to amaze us and its diversity is best reflected with the unusual indoor plants we have. Plants which originates from the far reaches of the globe can be easily cultivated and used for Chatswood indoor plant hire thereby adding charm and splendour to your home and office décor.

  • Living stones has an amazing semblance to small stones thereby making it a fascinating houseplant.
  • Air plants is a rootless wonder which takes in moisture and nutrients through its leaves thereby creating endless possibilities to grow and use for Chatswood indoor plant hire.
  • The Paddle plant has large and flat leaves which justifies its name. It needs bright light to thrive while its greenish grey leaves turn red tinged when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The Coffee plant which contributes to your morning cup of coffee can be cultivated as a beautiful houseplant, however it rarely flowers or produces fruit indoors.