Chatswood indoor plant hire – Beautiful and Exotic Orchids to grow

The exotic and spectacular bloom of the orchids make them excellent houseplants which can be simple to maintain once you understand the conditions they enjoy. Orchids which can naturally grow on trees are known as epiphytes whereas those which grow on ground are known as terrestrial orchids which require a moister compost compared to the epiphytes.  The Green Mist or, the Cattleya is an exotic orchid which can be chosen as part of Chatswood indoor plant hire. They enjoy warm and humid conditions and they need to be cut to their stem after flowering. Similarly, the Dendrobium or, Thailand Black has stunning flowers which can last about six weeks.
The Disa aurata or, the golden disa prefers a cool and bright windowsill. The red disa, or the disa uniflora needs permanently wet conditions and offers pink or yellow flowers. There are several other species of beautiful Orchids which can be chosen as part of Chatswood Indoor plant hire which includes Prosthechea prismatocarpa, Phalaenopsis, and the Vanda.