Chatswood indoor plant hire – Beautiful plants for Spa and restaurants

Spas and restaurants need to have a planting scheme to complement its natural decor. Chatswood indoor plant hire includes planting themes which can reflect the natural tones along with the containers in a natural textured finish. The light levels vary considerably throughout the spa and restaurants which needs Chatswood indoor plant hire to choose plants suitable for different positions.
Common houseplants like Dracaena fragrans, Kentia palm, Beaucarnea recurvata etc. are considered as excellent choices for spas and restaurants. The free standing plants add to the relaxed feel of the reception and boutique areas.
The planting scheme used by Chatswood indoor plant hire is generally kept simple and clean. Plants like Schefflera aboricola with its heavy stem create an avenue effect. There are several health benefits associated with the use of plants in spas and restaurants. Research studies have shown that Chatswood indoor plant hire makes tasks less stressful and helps in maintaining the perfect blood pressure levels.