Chatswood indoor plant hire – Growing Rex Begonias

The colourful patterns and intriguingly shaped leaves of the Rex Begonias makes it a popular houseplant for Chatswood indoor plant hire. There are different hybrid varieties grown to have unusual leaf shapes, colours and markings. Rex Begonias will mostly have pink flowers, however the beauty lies in its leaves.
Chatswood indoor plant hire recommends pairing the Rex Begonia with solid green plants of different texture or form. The best way to display Rex Begonia would be to group them together in their own pot. The Rex Begonias can be extremely demanding when it comes to its care and maintenance.They usually prefer a light, rich soil which is well watered and kept moist. Humidity is extremely crucial for this plant where you can also cluster your plants so that it creates its own humid environment. Don’t feed Rex Begonia during the winter, while maintaining the right balance of growing conditions for Chatswood indoor plant hire.