Chatswood Indoor plant hire – Taking care of Dracaena houseplant

Dracaena houseplant is very popular as part of the Chatswood Indoor plant hire because they are easy to care and maintain. Irrespective of the cultivar, the dracaena exhibits an upright form. The stems of dracaena which are called canes can be pruned anytime to keep its growth under control.¬†Chatswood indoor plant hire for dracaena involves keeping the soil of the houseplant moist and never soggy. One should also understand that drooping or yellow leaves indicates over watering and poor drainage. Appropriate fertilization is important for the right care of dracaena houseplant. To take care of the lighting requirements, the dracaena must be placed in brightly filtered light through a curtain in front of a sunny window. Chatswood indoor plant hire of dracaena isn’t strict about the room temperature as long as it is not too cold. When growing dracaena, stop feeding during the winter months because the houseplant benefits from a period of dormancy.