Chatswood indoor plant hire – Things to Avoid

Chatswood indoor plant hire require houseplants to acclimatise themselves with the indoor environment. In this period of adjustment you may see few leaves drop at first but the goal should be to offer growing conditions as close to the ones preferred by the houseplant.

Some of the most common ways to cause damage to houseplants include over watering, exposure to heat, low light conditions, low humidity, pest problems, salt build-up, and exposure to drafts. There could be several more reasons, however the above are the most important things to consider when you plan for Chatswood indoor plant hire.

Over watering can lead to root rot and hence best avoided. There are plants which can thrive well under low light conditions however for the vast majority, insufficient light will make it look pale. Exposure to heat can speed up dehydration for the plant. Spider mites, aphids etc. can cause damage to the plant’s growth and hence Chatswood indoor plant hire recommends not to ignore pest problems.