Chatswood indoor plant hire – Growing colourful Coleus

Coleus is grown specifically for its colourful foliage which adds a dash of style and opulence to any interior decor. They can easily create a striking array of patterns with their leaves being available in orange, green, purple, yellow and red. They are quite a fun to propagate because every bloom creates a new pattern.
With Chatswood indoor plant hire, you can find almost 60 different varieties of Coleus. To grow this beautiful plant indoors, one needs to ensure enough moisture, heat and humidity. In case the plant starts to shed leaves, it would mean that it’s too dark for the plant. And, if the colour fades away, it could be getting too much sun.
For propagation of Coleus, Chatswood indoor plant hire use either cuttings or seed. However, they look best when they are grown exclusively for their foliage. It needs bright light, high humidity, above 60 degree Fahrenheit in the summer and slow release pellets of fertilizer for the best growing conditions.