Choosing Office Plants to Enhance a Space

Home and office plants are a great way to add some visual variety to a room and can even improve the health and happiness of its occupants. Choosing the right plants for the right space can amplify these benefits. Different plants will require their own set of conditions to grow and thrive. Typically, services offering hire plants in Sydney recommend you select a plant that will thrive in your available space for the best results.

Office plants vary based on their required light level, with low light plants being able to survive with minimal natural sunlight and high light plants needing frequent exposure. For some spaces, it may not be possible to have high light plants such as rooms with few windows, windows facing to the north, or those where other structures obscure light. There is a range of species on offer as hire plants in Sydney, so one is sure to fit your lighting situation. Some popular office plants in each light category include:

  • Low Light – these are typically plants that occur naturally on the forest floor, where light is low.
    • Devil’s Ivy
    • Lady Palm
    • Peace Lily
  • Medium Light – very adaptable plants that are best near windows as office plants, but with indirect sun exposure.
    • Bamboo Palm
    • Umbrella Trees
  • High Light – these office plants require direct and frequent light to thrive.
    • Golden Cane palm
    • Ficus sabre
    • Many cacti

For any plant it is important to ensure they have adequate space, do not squeeze your office plants between furniture and other objects. You also need to make sure there is enough airflow and moisture on the plant. Avoid placing them near heaters or air conditioners as these tend to lower humidity, many tropical varieties cannot handle this and need to be regularly misted. Lease-a-Leaf offers a wide range of hire plants in Sydney; their team can assess a space to recommend the best plant for your needs. Contact us for more information.

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