Easiest Indoor Plants to Maintain

ABC have listed their list of the 12 easiest plants to maintain, this list may prove useful for anybody looking into hire plants and indoor hire plant hire. These plants make for great desk or shelf pieces for an office to liven the mood and freshen up the air with little to no maintenance.

Zanzibar Gem

The zamioculcas zamiifolia is a dark-leaved gem that does well in bright light but not intense sunlight. What makes this plant easy to maintain is its thick and fleshy roots that are greatly capable of storing water.

Cast Iron Plant

Naturally, these plants grow in the shade of other plants so sunlight is not an absolute priority for them. Additionally, a factor that makes these plants easy to maintain and an ideal indoor hire plant is their ability to cope with a wide temperature range. Additionally, they have an underground stem that stores food and water further enabling their ability to withstand neglect.

Peace Lily

This resilient plant is an office plant favorite and for that reason a popular choice when it comes to indoor plant hire. It can withstand air conditioning, heating, low light, and neglect making it seem like more of a display piece than a plant.

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