Express plant hire – Beautiful ways to display your houseplants

When it comes to adorn your house or a venue for a special occasion with houseplants, you need to be innovative and creative with Express plant hire. An organized arrangement adds colour, style and an artistic bloom to the space.
Palms, ferns and spider plants can provide greenery and exotic ornamentation with their presence.

A north placing place is ideal for ferns, spider plants and peace lilies which needs slightly different levels of light. The warm atmosphere generally suits the Citrus calamondin and hypoestes. With less conventional containers and beautiful plants, you can make plants your focal point.

To bring an alfresco feel to indoors, try stylish outdoor accessories like faux sandstone planters. Cactus and succulents can add an exotic twist to your home. By adding pebbles to the bottom of the container, you not only assist the drainage but also add a decorative touch to a glass container for express plant hire.