Express Plant Hire – Beautiful ways to use potted plants in weddings

Weddings are normally about fresh flowers in a floral arrangement, however potted plants through express plant hire can add a dash of beauty and style in an eco-friendly manner. There are myriad ways to incorporate express plant hire displays in a wedding from hanging displays, houseplant centrepieces on raised pillars to using potted plants in the wedding décor.
Potted plants can be used for displaying the escort card, and also as beautiful centrepieces. The planters can as well be lined around the dance floor which is also a smart way to hide the extension cords. Beautiful planters with exotic plants can be used for the table numbers or, used to decorate the entrance décor.
The walkaway can be lined up with beautiful plants as part of express plant hire thereby creating a memorable experience when the bride walks down the aisle. One can add a splash of colour, style and beauty with the use of potted plants in weddings.