Express plant hire – Best options for a winter garden

There are many houseplants which can be zapped by the first real freeze, however fortunately there are many options available for express plant hire during the winters. Mache is popular as a winter crop which can grow well steadily below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Another cold hardy plant Giant red Mustard thrives well in nippy weather whose large leaves make good leaf wraps. Winter cress which is also known as the upland cress or creasy greens has a mustard like flavour and develops a great taste with colder temperatures.
Fenugreek seeds germinate quickly and the greens can be collected while the temperatures hover above freezing. There are lot of vibrant and beautiful houseplants used for express plant hire which fills winter with colour and life. Primula forbesii with its deep pink and bright flowers grows well throughout the winters. During the winters, express plant hire should ensure to keep the compost on the dry side and water once a week.