Express plant hire – Colourful and Stylish Containers

Express plant hire is useful in making a style statement during special occasions with beautiful houseplants decorating the venue. Use of beautiful and stylish containers along with the right plant can add style and grace to any decor. Colourful and stylish containers must have proper drainage options to allow houseplants to grow well.The choice of the container style for express plant hire is unlimited from a classic terracotta pot to a clam shell. Depending on your budget, aesthetics and preference you may choose the best container which can allow the houseplants to thrive well.Terra cotta pots are classic containers which are porous and hence dry out easily specially in the sun. Glazed ceramic pots are the most gorgeous pots which can be chosen for express plant hire because they can be incredibly modern or classic in their design with stunning colours. The container size is very important as it decides the frequency of watering and amount of fertilizer needed for the growth of houseplants.