Express plant hire – Low Maintenance and Hard to Kill Houseplants

Many would believe that growing plant indoors is often challenging than growing them outdoors, however the truth is that there are several plant species available for express plant hire which thrives well under low light conditions and require minimal maintenance. Express plant hire not only provides a beautiful display but also provides several other benefits like a healthy environment and a great value.
The following carefully chosen houseplants for express plant hire survives well under low light condition and are low maintenance.

  • Cast Iron Plant: It can grow under the most challenging growing conditions and hence the name. It prefers low light conditions and characterized by pointed leaves.
  • Christmas cactus: Characterised by deep pink flowers, this plant species can easily handle low light conditions.
  • Aloe Vera: The long pointed leaves of this succulent works great for small and sunny indoors. This plant species prefers dry soil which means you don’t need to water them regularly.
  • Spider plant: This beautiful houseplant is available in a wide range of different varieties and creates a visual feast with its unique look.